Shri Swami Samarth.

I am  a common person, not a astrologer, not a numorologist, not any predictor.  Just a common man like any one. In our daily life we face many problems, like  Health, Wealth, Spouses problem etc…..! Our daily life cycle is routed through in a spefic manner.  Our life cycle comes under the Influence of  Planets  (GRAHASTITHI). We have to experience  good or  bad results as per our Grahastithi (planet situation). In Human Life, each and every incident may be good or bad is influenced by one or the other planet. Like Jupiter influences education and success, Human nature and behavior is influenced by Budh and a person’s marriage or married life is highly influenced by Mangal.

sri swami samarth

The major Planets which Affects the human life are, Mars (Mangal) , Shani, Rahu and Ketu,which  forms Manglik Dosha ,   Pitra dosha,   Kaal Sarp Yog  (Dosh) Shani Sadhe Sathi .  In this site I just explain the causes, effects, and simple remedies to various Dosha  (Bad Effects of Planets). Every one can do or perform these remedies at home, without any additional expenses. Some useful information about Numerology is also included for betterment  of mankind. One can use this information and  can Live Healthy Life.

Even if you are  suffering  from  any  dosha , don’t be afraid, Live with Nature, only concentrate on Good things to be done, Love your family, Love the Society, Your Desired God  is there  to help you always.
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