Angaarak Chaturthi Fasting



      The Angaark is the lucky day for the goddess of Lord Ganesh and also many people fasting to fulfill their life with joy.   The fasting is beginning at the time of rising sun. Then take shower and plead to Lord Ganesh. And make a fasting by taking milk and some fruit but not taking any food. At the evening seeing the moon Lord Ganesh is worshipped.

      For this fasting, Lord Ganesha has to be worshipped as Turmeric (Pasupu). This Turmeric Lord Ganesha has to be placed in a small square shaped Basket of Bamboo (Veduru Butta) is believed as goddess Laxmi. Then the prayer (pooja) of Lord Ganesh is starts with Shodassopachara pooja with grass. Finally, end with a dish which is made with rice grains (Undrallu) for dinner.

The fasting has to be done for 16 times to fulfill the success of life.

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