Angaark Ganesh Chaturthi



                Today 15th, july 2014 is the Angaark Chaturhi for Hindus. In each cosmological month there are two Chaturthi’s, one is after a Purnimasi (Full moon) and second is after Amavasya (No moon). During Purnimasi period is the Krishna paksha is called as Sankashti Chaturthi and the Amavasya periode is the Shukla Pakshya is known as Vinayaka Charyrthi.

               The Angaark Chaturthi is called when the Sankashti Chaturthi is lies on Tuesday. The Lord Ganesh and Lord Mars (Angaark) is blessed people who keep a fast on this day. So, the people will darshan (pray) to Lord Ganesh and keep in Angaark Chaturthi fasting is follows mostly in South & West India.

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