Deepawali : Laxmi Pooja Festival

Deepawali or Diwali is the biggest and the brightest festivals among all the Hindu festivals.
In Simply deep = light and avali = a row i.e., lights in a Row. This aspesious festival is celebrated Five day long and each one of them has its own significance. These Five days in Diwali festival is identified for its different tradition, but it is true and consistant that, it is the celebration of life, enjoyment and goodness.Deepawali has an added significance to the great event of Lord Mahavira attaining the eternal bliss of nirvana on this day of Deepawali, which is another significance of Deepawali.

Maha Lakshmi Devi Goddess of Wealth

Deepawali have a significance of the victory of good over evil; and it is with each Deepawali the lights that illuminate Darkness from our homes and hearts as well as the awakening of the light within ourselves. It is the perfect time for family gatherings, Preperations of Verity of Sweet Foods, Festival celebrations with Mahalaxmi pooja.

Diwali is the festival of Laxmi, the Goddess of prosperity and wealth. It is believed that Goddess Laxmi visit everyone, every house, during Diwali and brings peace and prosperity to all. On the night of Diwali “Lakshmi-Pujan” is performed in the evenings. A traditional Pujan is performed after sunset (Goraj Muhurth) in every home.

The common things needed for a Diwali puja are Silver and Gold coins, Suparis, Uncooked Rice, Paan leaves, Kumkum for applying Tilak, Mithaai (Indian sweets), Camphor, Agarbattis (incense sticks), Dry fruit (almonds, cashews), Flower petals and Lakshmi-Ganesh icon.

Maha Laxmi Pooja Vidhi

    • Awake early morning and Clean up your house properly. Sprinkle some gomutra for purification of the surrounding.
    • Spread the New red cloth on a raised platform and keep a handful grains in the center.
    • Put the Kalash in the middle. Fill it with 75% of water. Put 5 mango leaves in the kalash and place them in a circular design on the neck of the kalash.
    • Keep a small copper Puja thali on the kalash and make a small flat mountain of rice grains. Draw a lotus with haldi over it and place the idol or Goddess Lakshmi in the center. Place some coins in front of it.
    • First of all Lord Ganesha is to worship in every puja. So on the right side (South-West direction) of the kalash, place the idol of Ganesha. Apply a tilak of haldi and kumkum. Put some rice grains, Pink colored flowers (gulal are optional) on the idol.
    • Now put on the things related to your business or wealth besides the arrangement.
    • Light diya (Lamp) and place it in a thali along with some haldi, kumkum and rice grains. (sandalwood paste, saffron paste, abeer and gulal are optional)
    • Start the puja by applying tilak to the kalash. Apply the same to the Lota that is filled with water. Now offer some flowers to each of them.
    • Take some rice and flowers. Join your hands together and close your eyes. Recite the Diwali puja mantra of goddess Lakshmi or just chant her name and meditate for few minutes to invoke her.
    • Offer the flower and rice grains to the Goddess after the prayer.
    • Now take up the idol of Lakshmi and place it in a thali. Bathe it with water followed by panchamrit. Clean it with water again. Wipe the idol and place it back on the kalash.
    • Now apply haldi and kumkum (sandal paste, saffron paste, abeer or gulal) along with rice to the idol. Place the garland cotton beads around the neck of the Goddess. Place some marigold flower, Apply some Sent (Attar), Spray on Idole of Mahalaxmi. Burn few agarbatti and dhoop.
    • Offer coconut and place a supari on a supari leaf. Now put some haldi, kumkum and rice over it. Pour some puffed rice, coriander seeds and cumin seeds over the idol. Place some mithai ( Specialy Pedha), Diwali sweets, fruits and Coins, Gold ornaments in front of it.
    • If possible Chant with “Shree Suktam” (Video hereunder)
    • Worship Mahalaxmi Idol by performing the Lakshmi Pooja Aarti
    • Take the Aarti, worship the Mahalaxmi with your Heart Soul. Distribute the Sweet as Prasad to Family Members and  people with you.

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