Destiny Number 2

Destiny  Number   2  ( 2,  11,  20 )

This is the number of duality, the separation of man from God. You are a  feminine characteristics and are naturally willing to compromise in order avoid  the peace disturbance.  By environment you seem peaceful, ingratiate but your mind is plotting all the time. You prefer to achieve your aim by stratagems rather than frontal physical attack and can be deceptive at times. On the positive side you are genuinely sweet and have a silent side to your nature which appeals to most people. People from the number 2 have all the necessary guts to get along well with other people.

Number two is the number of polarity of opposites; like there is no male without female, no positive without negative and you combine opposites in your life and your approach to the world in general. Number two is ruled by the moon.

The Negative Side  of 2 are  Insecurity, bashfulness and hesitation  associated with this number. There also  a nervousness which causes an irregular temperament. These people are interested in dreamers than achievers. They can be  hurt easily or emotional.

They spread the ideas of their dreams around to everyone near them.