Destiny Number 4

Destiny Number 4 ( 13/4, 22/4,  31/4)

Destiny Number 4 : are moving towards perfect in their management skills. They are often referred to as the Master Builder because of the Master Number 22.

The number four is the sign of a figure for plodding and sometimes lacking in the confidence to be creative. In general you are not likely to come up with any great ideas as long as you are not too creative, and you can resent and distrust those who are. Number four represents the four elements, the four seasons, the four minds, the four angels and the four cardinal points of the magic circle. All creation manifests itself through the number four.  Number four is a ‘pillar of society’ and capable of making in positive contribution.

On the negative side, they are bossy or very dominant, include dominance over others and bossiness. They become frustrated when situation goes against them or  where their abilities are limited. There may be a strangeness and a inflexibility surrounding them due to these unusual characteristics or opinions. Due to strong in their opinion they may become biases.