Destiny Number 7

Destiny Number 7 ( 7,  16/7,  25/7,)

These are receptiveness  towards developing their mental faculties. They can do this by observation or careful thinking of the problems on hand. They are best doing things alone as well.

Number seven is the number of vagueness and conspiracy. You like to have little secrets and spring surprises on those you love.

Because of you are a private person you seem to generate curiosity amongst connections and will rarely be short of invitations to social gatherings. You easily have psychic or telepathic powers and may develop in this area during the course of your life. You are interested in alternative and unconventional views and may be considered far-fetched by those who don’t know you too well.

On the negative side, they not trust peoples and are a self-centered people.

When an emotional situation presents, this person will not know how to handle it and it can overwhelm them. They may have very little trust in other people. Their introversion can cause them to be self centered. Adaptability is not one of their strong traits and they can be intolerantly critical.