Destiny Number 8

Number 8 ( 8, 17/8, 26/8, ) these people tends to develop the material aspect in their life. They are more interested in becoming riche by further their ambitions to be in a stable status.

You are very aggressive and have a strong aspiration to succeed in everything that you take on.

You posses a  logical and analytical skills,  expect everyone to be  apply their thinking in the same way. When they fail to fulfill your expectations you may become irritated and angry,  but this soon wears off.

Learn to relax more and allow life’s little  to wash over you instead of taking everything on board as though it was a major disaster.

Your ideal profession would be, to work for yourself and develop your own interests, rather than someone else’s. Travel is likely to feature largely in your life and you will possibly live abroad (at least for part of your life) at some stage or make many long journeys.