Destiny Number

What is Destiny Number !

Destiny Number : or Expression Number in Numerology is the number determined from once full name. The name that was given by your parents and you are still using it as you grow up. In numerology, you can determine how to make use of this Number.

The influence of your birth name over your destiny in life is seen from the Destiny number. Each name you put up with may be interpreted and applies to different aspects of your life.

Keep in mind the following points while calculating your Destiny number:

  • Use your full name that was given to you at your  birth
  • One must use the middle name if you have one – this signifies your unknown or hidden potential
  • Omit other titles or suffixes – Mr., Mrs, Sir, Esq or other qualifications

Determining Your Destiny Number

Numerology Table

To arrive at Destiny Number you need to convert your full birth name into Numbers following the chart, shown above which   Shows some  Specific Value for each character.

Let us see  that your name is Archna Dhananjay Gogoi. Based on the chart above

1+9+3+8+5+1                  4+8+1+5+1+5+1+1+7                    7+6+7+6+9

27                                                33                                        35

9                                                  6                                           8



So the  Destiny Numbers  is     5

Destiny Numbers has a total of  5   where each number has its own characteristics that can help  in discovering Ones  goal in Life and what to do about it.

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