Deeksha has to be undertaken after getting permission from parents. Then one has to get the permission of the the Guru.
Previous day before starting the deeksha, the devotee willcleanly shave, clip his nails, trim his hair and make himself physically clean.

WHO can do it?
Males: Any one can do it.
Females: Who do not have monthly periods. So, it is essentially before puberty or eldlerly people.
It is usually observed during the Mandalam (which usually falls between Nov 2nd week and Sankranthi). Mandalam starts on first day of Kartika Masam (as per Kerala Calendar.  It is usually observed for 41 days (or 21 or 11 days).

Do’s of Ayyappa Swammy Deeshka

    1) The Deeksha Should be taken for 41 days or more but not less than 41 days?

    This has a reason coz if you see any Aurvedic Treatment it will be for 41 days. The Deeksha what we do is exactly Treatment of ayurvedic. And our body and mind are trained for 41 days. So if one is taking deeksha and following all rules will be good and will do good to society. One will get transformed from inside if one is really following all the rules of deeksha.

    Do the bath in evening with normal water. to get rid of tiredness of day work. Then what is God expecting from human? The answer is Live Happily, and Let Live Others Happily. Whereas every one (except few human beings) trying to do the first half of rule and not at all bothering about second half of the rule.

    2) We should keep our Mind with purity and control our feelings in all aspects.

    This works in synchronization with the concept why we call everyone as swamy only. It is a concept of seeing everyone as Swamy himself and give due respect to him. It is a process of removing the I (ego) factor. The same principle applies why swamy should bow to another swamy. If swamy’s are having a pure and clean mind, the ego will vanish and where ego vanishes, there divinity reflects.

    3) We should wake up at 4:00 A.M(Brahma Gadiya)

    This is the time when the entire nature will be peaceful, one can feel the subtle vibrations of the prayers done all over the universe and get synchronised It is the right time for meditating upon god in a choice which the person likes.

    4) We should perform pooja twice in a day Before sunrise and After sun set.

    This has scientific approach if you inhale the Camphor during early Hours your sinus will be clear. These are the times, when a person mind can get distracted and if trained to participate in the pooja activity can slowly focus on swamy through which one slowly learn to control the mind and master the mind.getting concentration to puja.

    ayyappa swamy

    ayyappa swamy

    5) Should Take Head bath Twice in a day with cold Water.

    It keeps our selves Fresh and we will be very Active it can be experienced. Doing head bath with cold water makes the body and mind fresh and it helps in controlling the mind through the body. Mind always asks for comforts(like hot water), and by doing the cold water bath, we are winning over our mind. And as also word given by swamy to shani deva, swamys taking deeksha should have no comforts during their deeksha days.

    6) We should eat Food prepared by ourselves or By Other swamies or our people who did bath and prepared sacredly.

    This has reason as Road side food and unhygenic food are not wise to Eat.As mentioned in the above rule, swamys
    should eat food prepared by other swamys or who are cooking with clean body and clean hearts.

    7)We should take meal only once in a day and night we should take only Tiffin(Ekha Bhuktham)

    It cleans our Pancreas,Liver,Stomach. According to ayurveda, a person who eats once a day is a yogi, a person who eats twice a day is bhogi, and a person who eats thrice a day is rogi. In this process it is essential to survive ourselves, so we should take mimimum food sufficient to keep the body active, and not overburden it so that it makes us affected with diseases.

    8) We should sleep on floor

    This has scientific approach as earth is big magnet due to magnetic lines forces and planetary motion it gives physical ailments like body pains, spondalities etc. and (we )are feeling relief ,happy,peaceful.

Don’ts of Ayyappa Swammy Deeshka

    1) We shouldn’t apply oil to our hair.

    This is good whatever Dandruff you have it will be cleaned. This is again in synchronisation of seeing swamy everywhere by getting victory over the ego (I) factor. Swamy’s should have less body consciousness and should win over their ego. Should be able to accept everyone as swamy without considering their external appearance.

    2) Please note that we should stop smoking,Drinking,Chewing Pan,Gutkha and all bad habits.

    This is always good. Bad habits are a sign of mental weakness. To become mentally strong, one should quit these habits. By leaving them one will practice self control. Indirectly one will get confidence over himself, and slowly this will lead him to the path of success in his personal life. So leaving the bad habits is the first step in transformation of a person leading him to happiness and success.

    3) We shouldn’t eat Non-veg,Onion’s(Food Prepared with Onions),Garlic,Road sidefood.

    This is because, the food we eat will reflect on our thought process. There are basically 3 types of gunas , Sattvic, Rajasic and tamasic. And the foods who prepare them and intake them are reflected by their respective gunas.

    Sattvic foods are light and easy to digest.—They bring clarity and perception.—Sattvic food has the potential to unfolds love and compassion in the individual.—Sattvic food promotes the qualities of forgiveness and austerity.It gives a feeling of contentment.

    Rajasic foods are hot, spicy and salty.—They are irritants and stimulants.—All morish or tempting foods come under the category of rajasic

    —Heavily spiced foods e.g. hot pickles and chutneys which can stimulate the senses.—Rajasic foods make the mind more agitated and susceptible to temptation.—The mind can become more rajasic, which means it tends towards anger, hate and manipulation.

    Tamasic food is heavy, dull and depressing.—It induces sleep.—Under this category comes dark meat, lamb, pork, beef, as well as thick cheese
    One should go for only sattvic food during the deeksha period.

    4)We should not wear Foot Wear!why?

    This has a scientific approach , This gives accupunture to the body which controls blood pressure. Also when swamy’s go to sabarimala, it is a totally hill area and forest area. One cannot travel in those areas with footwear, and accordingly it is needed to travel barefoot. So these 41 days swamys train their body and feet to withstand all the environment of the hill areas and the forest regions.

    5)We should not Shave,No Hair Cut,no Cutting of Nails

    This is again in synchronisation with what swamy had given word to shani deva that swamys will have mimimum comforts during their deeksha period. Also swamys should win over their ego and should be able to accept
    everyone as the form of swamy.

    6) Swamys shouldn’t wear any other coloured clothes except black?

    (Even Guru swamies they should wear black clothes coz, Ayyappa gave his words to Lord Sani i,e.Sanieshwar, ” who ever takes my(Ayyappa) deeksha u shudn’t trouble them and should excuse them(We) for this they(We) will wear only Balck colour dress as your(Sani’s) Favorite colour is black ” , This is having one scientific approach as black coloured objects absorbs more heat which gives necessary heat to withstand the temperature around during the season of karthik and margasira)

    7) We shouldnt sleep in the Afternoon! Why?

    Deeksha is to make us be in control of senses and win over the ego in realising the supreme Reality (Tat Twam Asi). To achieve this, one should follow the sattivic path, sleeping in other times like afternoon is a tamasic path, and will disturb the body composition and routine of a swamy.

    8) Swamy’s shouldn’t scold any one , shouldn’t lie.

    9) We should call each and every person as Swamy(Males) and Amma or Matha for females.

    This is the first step to realise Swamy, we train the mind to see every male person as a form of swamy and to see mother in every woman.

    10) Who ever calls us for Biksha(Meal or Tiffin) we should try to attend and should never say no,Irrespective of caste and religion, shouldnt comment on the food what they keep, as Food is the another Depiction of Para Brahma.

    Swamy is the embodiement of dharma and he is the authority for purnatwam (Purnam) and puskhalatwam(Pushkalam). So a person taking swamy deeksha will be blessed with abundance and completeness. If one has to be blessed, one should always take the prasadam of Swamy. Prasadam of swamy has to be taken in that sense only not considering the caste,creed,religion,race, status etc of the person. Getting food is a great blessing in disguise, will get the prasadam of swamy.

These are some sutra’s I know to my knowledge, hope by the grace of Swamy, persons who are taking ayyappa swamy deeksha do their deeksha in the right manner following the niyamas and fulfill their sabari yatra successfully.

Medalo dharinchina mudramaalanu etti paristhithilonu theeyaraadu. Ayyappa saannidhyamu cherutaku kaneesamu 41 rojulu mundugaa deesksha aarambhinchaali.
Ayyappala nuduta eppudu Vibhoodhi, Chandanamu, Kunkuma bottu undaali.

Om Sri Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa

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