Ethics in Temple

The Temple is the  house of worship for Hindus. Temple is the place where

divine relationship with the God can be easily accomplished and the place reserved for religious and spiritual activities.

Hindus believe that God is the supreme of the Universe and we alive here only because of  blessings of God,  We need to behave in a good manner inside the temples.

Some of  the basic ethics to be followed in all Hindu temples are given below.

  •  Visit the Temple with clean body. Legs and hands must be washed before entering the temple
  • If possible wear traditional  Cloths and  without much of jewellery
  • Maintain Silence in side the Temple
  • Customs of the Temple must be  respected with soul Heart
  • Strictly avoid Non-vegetarian food and consuming liquor before going to the temple
  • Do Not Smoke inside the Temple Premises
  • The Prasadam and Teertham given should be consumed, and not be thrown in the temple
  • Spitting or being a nuisance inside the temple premises is strictly prohibited
  • Women should not enter the temple in the first four days of their menstrual cycle
  • Keep The temple premises clean
  • Avoid Quarrelling, gossiping or committing any act of violence in the Temple Premises
  • Avoid visiting Temple immediate after the Birth or Death ceremony of immediate family members
  • Don’t be jealous or don’t behave with temper inside the temples
  • We should not think about anything else apart from “God”
  • Avoid using “Peace-Disturbers” Cell Phones in Temple premises
  • Religious sentiments of co-pilgrims and Temple procedures must  be respected
  • Feet should not be pointed toward the God. Feet are preferably folded.

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