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Ganesh Maharaj

 Ganesh Chaturthi is the festival of the hindus all over the India. The Ganesh Chaturthi festival on 29th August 2014 for Lord Ganesh Birthday. The Ganesh is the God of knowledge and prosperity. The Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrate every year at the moment of forth day after new moon of Bhadrapada month.The Lord Ganesh statue is places at home and streets (Mandap). The Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrations goes 1 to 10 days by depending upon family traditions.

The Ganesh Stands has four arms which is a symbolize of universal ruler. Lord Ganesh 1st hand holds a shell, 2nd hand holds a discus, 3rd hand holds a club or sweet and the final 4th hand holds a Lotus. The Lord Ganesh vehicle is a Mouse (Rat). The Mouse symbol is for which removes all bad qualities and keep good qualities.   

The process of Lord Ganesh worship (Puja) is  

The Lord Ganesh idol is bring to place at home and streets at Ganesh chaturthi day.

The time of the Ganesh Chaturthi worship is starts at afternoon 12:40pm to 14:13pm (Madhayan) because the Lord Ganesh born at afternoon.  

Wear the cloths to Ganesh idol and decorate with flowers by praying with Manthras (shlokas).

Make the sweet with the rice and wheat (Undralu & Payasam) for Lord Ganesh.

And also prays a Lord Ganesh at morning, afternoon and evening.

The Lord Ganesh is worshiped 5days, 7days, 9days or 11days which is depends on individuals.

The Last day people brings the Ganesh idols on vehicles by arranging the full of lights and drums to keep in beach or Dam.





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