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Ganesh Maharaj

 The Lord Ganesh is the son of Lord Shiva and Parvathi Devi. The history of Ganesh is one day the divinity Parvathi was prepare for peaceful and without disturbance shower, So she called the Nandi, and order to stay at the doorway and don’t send any one In. Nandi takes the order of Parvathi Devi and stay at the door, but once Lord Shiva came home and Nandi send him pass, being loyal to God Shiva.

Goddess Parvathi Devi was angry at this flimsy, however, even after this moment Parvathi Devi realized that she had nobody as loyal to herself as Nandi was to Shiva. Then Parvathi Devi getting hold of the turmeric paste from her body and breathing life into it and she created a Lord Ganesh.

Parvathi Devi declaring as his own loyal son as Ganesh. Parvathi Devi one day going for shower and order to Ganesh as to stay at the doorway and don’t allow to any one In, and went to shower. At the time Parvathi Devi showering Lord Shiva as came to home but Ganesh has not sending the Shiva to in. Then Lord Shiva angry and said to servants to destroy the boy but all the servants are failed to destroy the Ganesh. By seeing this all Shiva was angered and cut the head of Ganesh by divine fury.

By listening the news of Ganesh mother Parvathi Devi and Lord Brahma, Vishnu present at place of incident. Parvathi Devi was shouted on Shiva and she decided to break the whole creation. The Lord Brahma and Vishnu control the Parvathi Devi and given the promise to bring the God Ganesh back to life, and while pray the Gods first priority goes to Ganesh and then remaining all Gods.

Then Shiva cooled and send to servants and God Brahma to bring the head which is facing through the North. Lord Brahma and servants bring the one Elephant head which is faces to the North. The Lord Shiva replaced the head of Elephant to the Ganesh body and make him new life. And Lord Ganesh is rule over the Ganas, it is a general term of denoting all categories of organisms.

From this history we honor the Ganas, then our each action could be a kind of theft, because its unofficial. Therefore, every Ganas propitiating receive there blessings. By taking the Lord Ganesh blesses we get the good and peaceful life.

“Jai Bolo Ganesh MahaRaj ki” ! ”Jai”.

“Jai Bolo Vignesh Ki” !”Jai”.

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