Goddess Yellamma


         Goddess Yellamma is a popular Hindu goddess in South India. She is the Hindu Goddess of the unfortune and demoralized and is traditionally associated with the Devadasi conception. The story of origin of Yellamma is sole and is associated with Goddess Renuka(Yellamma) the mother of Parashurama, and living form of Lord Vishnu.

          The story of Renuka, is wife of Jamadagni and mother of Parasurama. Jamadagni had a five sons named as Rumanvan, Susena, Vasu,Visvaasuand Parasurama. One day Renuka went outside for bath with the permission of Jamadagni. After completed the bath and coming to back home Renuka saw a Citraratha king of Martikavarta and she impressed on her and went Renuka and Citraratha into a mood for sport. Renuka reached her home with smile of shame Jamadagni get the reason of his smile and call to his sons. Jamadagni order to their five sons to cut his mother head. But the elder four sons are not agreed to his father of Jamadagni. The younger son Parasurama accepted to his father Jamadagni order with some conditions.

The conditions or promises of Parasurama with his father Jamadagni as follows
1) Mother should be return to his life.
2) All his elder brothers should be live has human being’s
3) No one has to remember this incident.
4) Renuka should be free from mood of sport.
5) No one should have to question to his mother about this incident.

           All the promises have been accepted by the jamadagni. Then Parasurama taken his axe to kill his mother Renuka, but she run to poor women for protect. The Parasurama caught his mother and hit on his neck with axe. By mistake the poor women neck is also cutted. Then Parasurama asked to his father to follow the conditions. Jamadagni take water and pour on body.
In hurry Parasurama placed poor women head in place of his mother. So, finally Parasurama mother is live with new head. From that situation Renuka name as replaced as Yellamma.

Even today, representatively the head of Renuka is attaching to a pot in rural India. In India many religions people respect to culture of goddess and pray to them. The Indians people obeys goddess is protect the villages from diseases and dangerous moments. So, there are many temples of women goddess Yellamma Temple in India.Some of the famous temples of Yellamma Temple are Balkampet Yellamma Temple in Hyderabad, Yellamma Devi Temple of Saundatti and Renuka Devi Temple Of Mahur.

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