Karthika Pournami Festival Story

Kartik Purnima – 04 November 2017
Purnima Tithi starts from 13:46 on 03 November 2017 and Purnima Tithi ends at 10:52 on 04 November 2017.

if the moon is a star star, it is called Chaitra, if Vishakha is in the star, as well as with the Krishna star. Kartik is highly sacred to the Hindus. Somawaram, Ekadasi, Dwadashi and Pournami are the most celebrated months of this month. These are the Kartik Poornima Maha Shivaratra. The mountain is also known as 'Tripura Purnima' and 'Deva Diwali'. Ashwuja's new moon begins on the day of Karthikam. Daylight lights are lit up every day until the end of cardamom. This is done by Marthanda Karthika Maha Legend. Special pujas are performed especially on Mondays and full moon days.

According to the story of  Mahabharata, Ragesh Kartikya Purnima, the son of Kartikeya tarakasura. The lamps were lit up with the joy of the tarakasura that they were suffering. According to mythology, Lord Mahavidu performed tens of thousands of giant demons. The Kartikya full moon is also a day for Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. The light of the lamp on this day will destroy all the sins that are ignorant. On the day of Kartika full moon day Rudabhishekam. It is also very good to have Satyannarayana vayal. It is good to bathe in the sea or river on the morning of Kartika full moon. Those who do not have a bath in the river get up early in the morning and finish the bath and go to the temple and make a divine sight.

The whole day is fasting and the lamp with 365 sounds is lit in the evening. These thrusts represent a whole year per emphasis. Some lamps are placed in bananas and dumped in river or ponds. The lamps are lit in the Shiva Temple. Those who are not able to light up the lamp before God or Thulasi in the house. In the Shiva temple on the Kartik Purnima is the worship of the devotees. All the sanctity of the bath is a fruit. With the blessing of the Holy Spirit, there is salvation in the heavens and in heaven.

Kedareswara will be voiced today. Beyond the banyan trees, the karadeswaravu brachas, marripunda porkala, bariyani leaves are widely worshiped from ancient times to tradition. Kedareshwara Vruth's relationship between husband and wife will increase. Kartik is also a unique pilgrimage for Jains and Punjabis. Gurunanak Jayanti is also today. The grand celebration of the Ganga Mahotsavam is also conducted.

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