Kirnotsav Festival Celebrations

Kirnotsav in Mahalakshmi Temple Kolhapur (festival of Sun rays) is celebrated when the sun rays falls directly on the Goddess Mahalakshmi idol at the time of sunset on the following days :

31st January & 9th November : Sun Rays falls directly on the feet of the deity.(Charan Sparsh)

1st February & 10th November : Sun Rays falls directly on the Chest of the deity.

2nd February & 11th November : Sun Rays falls directly on the entire body of the deity.

It is not surprising that even the rays of a setting sun pay homage to Goddess Mahalakshmi as the life of human being revolves around illumination and prosperity. But it is the wonder of that wise architects who built the temple of Mahalakshmi, kolhapur in such a way that the rays of the setting Sun, bow on the feet of the Goddess through a window, for a while before vanishing. It is the architect’s excellence, which has been done more than 1000years back, can still be observed. This special event is witnessed by thousands of people as or it is celebarated as the ‘KiranUtsav’. Every year this festival is celebrated on, 31 January, 1 February, 2 February, 9 November, 10 November and 11 November in the evening at the time of Sunset. It is belived that God Sun gives respect to Goddess Mahalaxmi for three days in a year. This will be on the occasion of RathaSaptami (which will be somewhere in January every year).

Mahalaxmi Kirnostav Kolhapur

The Shri Mahalakshmi Temple is situated in the city Kolhapur in Maharashtra. Kolhapur is an important and significant city lying in the ancient Karveer region in Western Maharashtra. Kolhapur is well connected by rail and road with all major cities of India. Trains runs between Kolhapur and Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Hyderabad and other important cities. The city is also well connected by a road network.


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