Kojagari Poornima ; Sharad Poornima

Sharad Poornima, popularly known as Kojagari Poornima, is a festival of harvest and celebrated on Monday; October 29, 2012 in Hindu Lunar month Ashwin.This traditional celebration of the moon is also known as ‘Kaumudi’ meaning moonlight.
On this particular day, Goddess Laxmi moves from place to place and asks one perticular question, “Ko Jagrati?” that literally it means “Who is awake?” Goddess Laxmi blesses those whom she finds awake.

This day is also celebrated as the birthday of Goddess Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth. Significantly it suggests that those who wish to acquire wealth should always be vigilant in this night. Thus, it is also known as ‘Kojagari Poornima’. It is also brlived that on this day, Lord Krishna began his divine ‘Rass Lila’ with Radha and Gopies in Gokul. The Main religious rituals which performed on this day are offering Deepas to moon, performing pooja of Goddess Laxmi and God Indrdadeva , and ‘Agrayan’ which means to perform ‘Homa’ of newly produced paddy rice (offer rice in fire ) as a first offering to God.

Another folk tale about a king. Tale is that, once a king suffered from great financial loss and was really in a bad shape. To overcome her husband from this stress, his queen keep fast on this day and in the night vigil and started worshipping Goddess Laxmi, goddess of wealth. Consequently, Goddess blessed them immensely and they regained their prosperity.

On this day Moon God is worshipped, and Naivaidya of Kheer (boiled milk mixed with sugar candy) is offered to moon amidst the sound of ringing bells and chanting of hymns. This kheer is then distributed among devotees to break their day long fast. People take only fluids like coconut water and milk. Milk masala, a combination of dry fruits and milk is taken on this day.
So celebrate this Kojagiri Purnima with Devotion. If possible do a parayana of VishnuSahastrnaam, chant with Vishnu Gayatree Mantra, Kuber Gayatree Mantra, Maha Laxmi Gayatree Mantra. And get blessings of Laxmi, goddess of wealth.

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