Lepakshi Temple


Lepakshi Temple

This was the famous execution Column or Pillar of a Lepakshi temple. In this temple pillar are not stays on ground. It is an ancient temple which was builds in the time of 1583 AD, roughly if we were the designer of this miracle. It has 70 pillars at this magnifice, and it was Vijayanagaram. It was built on the stony hill called as Kumasalim.

The story of Lepakshi temple is built by two brother’s name as Veeranna and Virupanna who rules the Vijayanagar. This Lepakshi Temple shrines for three goddess Lord Shiva, Vishu, and Veerabhadra. And also it is place of bird Jatayu fell. This bird is battle with Ravanna when he kidnapping the goddess Sita from Rama. Jatayu said sympathetically to god Rama, Le Pakshi – mount bird in telugu.

The Lepakshi Temple architecture is simple super and the Nandi statue is an monolithic and it has a 25ft length and 16ft in height. The dance hall and open court which faces to the east direction of the main hall is there in temple.

The image on pillar is a Goddess Shiva Thandavam, Brahma playing drums and the Lord Ganesh concentration on every on when people entries into a second court.

It is one of the most beautiful architectural of ancient temple and it is a tourist place for visit the God Veerabhadra.

Address: Village   : Lepakshi

Dist       : Vijayanagar

State       :   Andhra Pradesh

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