Manglik Dosha Remedies

The Negative effects of Manglik Dosh can be reduced by performing astrological remedies which generally include  performing pooja, cahnting mantras, Wearing Gemstones. A special pooja is performed in the Mangal Nath temple, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, by expert Panditji.                                                                            

Other simple Remedies

  • Start fasting Tuesday of a new month in a rising moon
  • Chant Sunder Kand from Tulsi Ramcharitmanas for the period of 40 days beginning on Tuesday.and also chant Hanuman Chalisa
  • Chant Gayatri Mantra for 108 times everyday.
  • Worship Lord Hanuman using ‘Om Shreem Hanumate Namah’ mantra. Visit Hanuman Temple on every Tuesday and offer sweets and sindoor etc.
  • Donate red cloth to the workers who work with sharp iron items.
  • A Manglik boy or girl must marry to a manglik partner only.
  • In Hindu tradition, Manglik women has to complate the ceremony called “Kumbh Vivah” in which they have to marry either to a peepal tree, or a banana tree or a silver/ golden idol of the Lord Vishnu. A Manglik Woman may even marry a clay urn which is to be broken soon after the nuptial ceremonies, signifying that the bride has become a widow and the manglik dosh problem has been removed.

Mangal Dosha Shanti Mantra

            “Dharani Garbha Sambhutam Vidyut Kanti Samaprabha Kumaram

              Shakti Hastamca Mangalam Pranamamy Aham”

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  1. Dear Sir,

    Please help me out of the worst stage am going on. Mine was an arrange marriage and I am manglik. But the girl whom am married to is not manglik and have actually cheated US by providing false DOB. We were together just for 2 months. The girls family i am married to are not at all the good people and are of high influenced people , ours is a calm and decent family. The girl went to her home for a weeks time and have never returned. She have put a false alligations on our entire family that we did not provide her food for weeks and that we demanded dowry and to defame our family the girls brothers have created a fake facebook profile using all the abusive and very vulgur language by providing all the contact numbers of my family along with the morphing nude photos of my sistrs and mother. We have booked the case and culpprit is one of their family members. We are running around court since long time. But everything seems to be in vain. I am writing this mail with lots of hope that you will provide me remedy to get rid of those people and things should be in our favour. Kindly help us sir. We are going through lots of mental tension.

    My DOB: 7th March 1982
    TOB: 20:00 hrs
    Place of birth : Bhongir (nalgonda dist)

    Got married on 11 august 2012

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  6. i have mangalic dosha after marriage only i came to know about dis arrange marriage but my marriage life is not good at the same time i dont want to come out from this , i want to lead my ife with my husband only , please give best remedies for this to be success i will do my best , please help me

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