Naga Devi

Nag Panchami is one of the Hindus religious festival. Nag Panachmi festival is dedicated to the Snakes. On this day women get up at early morning and wear fresh clothes to go where they want to pray (the place of pray is known as Pamu Putta).

One day before of Nag Panchami there is a Nag Chaturthi. On Nag Chaturthi do a fasting for blessings of Nag Devatha. The Nag Panchami story is back to Lord Sri Krishna.



The Lord Sri Krishna kills the Kalia (snake) for killing the people. From that onwards hindus praying the snake. This Nag Panchami festival comes on Sravanam.

It mostly celebrates by Indians and Nepal Hindus. This Nag Panchami people keep the milk for Goddess Snake and bring half of the milk return and give to relatives has Prasad. On this full day   they pray for Nag Devatha for keep happily and safe to his family. The People believe that they will be protecting by all the Snakes by praying the Gaddess Nag Devatha.

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