Names and Numerology

Is your name  lucky,  what is meaning of  Names? This is the general concept of any person regarding his name. Can you  imagine whether  “ your name is lucky”  for you.  According to “ names meaning”  and  Numerology  every thing  is in your name.  Every character  in  your name is having a special power of specific   planet (grah).  Your name can bring brightness as well as  the darkness in your life span.  The name of someones business;  products;  company names;  will give success if it matches to him according to “name and numerology.”



Names  and  Numerology

So cheek your name weather it  is lucky for you,   whether it  matches to  your  Date  Of Birth or not.

If  your  name  matches to your  Date  Of  Birth.  It bring every successes in your life. And if not you have to  face lot of problems.

We can’ t change our Date Of Birth,  but we can modify our name using numerology little bit and match with Date  Of  Birth  to get maximum benefits  and  changes in our life .

Numerology number and their ruling planets.

Number                                                         Planet

1                                                                    Sun(Ravi)

2                                                                    Moon(chandra)

3                                                                    Jupiter(Guru)

4                                                                    Harshel

5                                                                    Mercury(budha)

6                                                                    Venus(shukra)

7                                                                    Neptune

8                                                                    Saturn(shani)

9                                                                    Mars(mangal)

10                                                                  Pluto

Here we can see numeric values of each number  from the above  numeric values and ruling  planets of specific  number.

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