Number 3’s : Compatibility with other Numbers

Here are the Numerology Number 3’s Compatibility with Other Numbers. This can Help in you while you are on decision to some what, specially  for Marriage.

Planet Jupiter

Numerology Numbers Significance of Numbers Numerology Number 3’s : Compatibility With Other Numbers
Other Numbers Number 3 is Jupiter also Multitalented, Intelligent, sharp and Cultured.
1 Number 1 is a Sun Number Leaders,Ambitious and Dominating For Marriages, Combination of 1 and 3 Numbers makes a very successful relationship. As Number 1 is Leader, Ambitious and Career oriented while Number 3 is Multitalented.
2 Number 2 is Moon, Gentle, Emotional and Honest in Nature Number 3 is socially inclined, bold luxurious, while number 2 are Honest, home loving, Emotional, and have lack in confidence. In this relationship, Nature of both the Partner is entirely different and so it’s difficult to maintain the peace.
3 Ruling planet of Number 3 is Jupiter If these two Numbers are combined together, and given freedom to Live in their own way; With the help of each other they can win all the challenges of the world.
4 Number 4 is for Uranus Practical, Calculative and Home Loving For Marriage: Both the Numbers are different in Nature. If developed proper understanding between these two Numbers the relation should be Happy
5 Number 5 is Mercury Restless, Loves Freedom For Marriage: Number 3 and 5 are both are energetic, adventurous, talented, charming, optimistic and lucky for love and money. This could be the best combinations ever and never faces any Unlike Situations in life.
6 Number 6 is for Venus; well balanced and Responsible For Marriage; Both have comparable likes and dislikes. Number 3 is Mastermind and 6 is the Number of Intelligence, this combination is excellent one
7 Number 7 is for Neptune, Intelligent, and Sensitive 3 and 7 Numbers are naturally attracted to each other. This combination makes a very successful marriage Life based on mutual respect, love, understanding
8 Number 8 is for Saturn, is Ambitious, Strong Materialistic, Dynamic and Power Seekers For Marriage; These both the numbers are very Strong and have high Ego thus it is quite difficult to maintain peace
9 Number 9 is for Mars.9 is Forgiveness, Tolerance and Compassion This is a perfect Relationship as number 3 is the Mastermind and Number 9 is  Practical. Both are Creative, Easy going, Optimistic, Positive and interests  are almost same.