Number 4’s : Compatibility with other Numbers

Here are the Numerology Number 2’s Compatibility with Other Numbers. This can Help in you while you are on decision  to some  what, specially for Marriage.Planet- URANUS


Numerology Numbers Significance of Numbers Numerology Number 4’s : Compatibility With Other Numbers
Other Numbers Number 4 is for Uranus. 4 is Reserved, Practical, Intelligent and an Excellent Organizer
1 Number 1 is for Sun.ambitious, Active, Progressive & Impulsive Numbers 4 and 1 have opposite but complimentary qualities with interest and personality are in different. For Marriage;If there is a good understanding between these two,This could be a balanced relationship
2 Number 2 is for Moon,Gentleman, Honest and Emotional in Nature For Marriage: Number 4 is practical and Realistic and Number 2 is Romantic and Spiritual thus the combination of these two Numbers are Excellent and their Life run Smoothly.
3 Number 3 is for Jupiter. 3 is Adventures,Sharp, Strong, Impulsive and Talented For Marriage: The characteristic of both the numbers are different.There should be a fine relationship between these two Numbers provided better understanding is there.
4 Number 4 is Uranus. Intelligent and an Excellent Organizer For Marriage: Both have same Attitude and Taste. Both are hard Working, Home Loving, Dependable and Trust Worthy.This Relationship seems as Made for Each Other.
5 Number 5 is for Mercury and this is fast moving planet For Marriage: Number 4 Systematic, Conventional, Practical while Number 5 is Unconventional, Easy going and Freedom Loving. To live their married life happy, Both should understand each other in Trustworthy.
6 Number 6 is Venus. Artistic, with Home loving, love in nature. For Marriage: Number 4 is practical , Home loving, dependent and Trustworthy. These two Numbers are well comfortable with each other.
7 Number7 is for Neptune. Spiritual and Imaginative For Marriage: Number 4 works as Head and 7 works as a body. This relationship works as unique balance between these two numbers. Here head do the planning and body operates accordingly.
8 Number 8 is for Saturn. Dynamic and Power Seekers. For Marriage: This relationship is quite successful as both are hard working, Intelligent, Career minded, Ambitious and Careful. They are equal in nature.
9 Numbers 9 is for Maars, Compassionate, Understanding and Ambitious. For Marriage: People of Number 4 with Number 9 will enjoy their married life happily.Because both the numbers are good in their own way