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Number 5’s : Compatibility with Other Numbers

Here are the Numerology Number 2′s Compatibility with Other Numbers. This can Help in you while you are on decision to some what, specially for Marriage.Planet Mercury

Numerology Numbers Significance of Numbers Numerology Number 5’s : Compatibility With Other Numbers
Other Numbers Number 5 is for Mercury, 5 is Changing, Restless and Freedom loving
1 Number 1 is Committed Determined, and Responsible. For Marriage : Due to Differences in Both the Characteristic it’s difficult to maintain the relationship. If both the Numbers understand each other, it can be a good, successful relationship
2 Number 2 is Moon and Sincere, Sensitive, Loyal Spiritual in Nature For Marriage: The characteristic of both the numbers are conflicting so its difficult to understand each other. There could be a good Relationship if both are understand Each other and make a Necessary adjustment.
3 Number 3 is Jupiter. Adventures, Sharp and Strong For Marriage: This is one of the best combinations and never faces any problems in life.Number 5 and 3 both are Energetic, Adventurous, Talented, Charming, Optimistic and Lucky for Love and Money.
4 Number 4 is for Uranus and it’s slow planet For Marriage: Characteristic of both the Number is different.If these two Numbers make necessary Changes and understand each other, Then there married life should be happy.
5 Number 5 is Mercury. Demonstrative, Loves Travel and Adventurous. For Marriage: All the characteristics of both these Numbers are good for friendship and business. If these two Numbers make necessary Changes and understand each other, Then there should be happy married life for them.
6 Number 6 represent Venus.Gives priority to their family. For Marriage: This relationship works well as the both partners have balanced characteristic to make a Happy and healthy family
7 Number 7 is for Neptune 7 is Dignified, Peace Loving and Calm in nature. For Marriage: The qualities of both the numbers are opposite but they love to travel. If these two numbers are come together as a couple it’s necessary to maintain balanced coordination with peace.
8 Number 8 represent Saturn. They are Power Seekers, Ambitious and Strong For Marriage: Numbers 5 and 8 are opposite to each other, Possessing strong personality and one cannot suppress other. Number 8 brings strong direction in the life of number 5, together with each, they can achieve any Material and Personal Success in their Life.
9 Number 9 is for Mars. Highly spiritual, Ambitious in Nature. For Marriage: It is necessary to develop proper understanding between them. These two Numbers can make a good friendship and business Partnership.

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