Destiny Number 6

Number 6 ( 6, 15/6, 24/6 )

Are the peoples who ready to  add to their responsibilities, balance  and love.

They tend to make everything confused into order and balance everything.

However, they can be inflexible at times or heavy-handed.

Number six indicates you have a very calming effect. On others hand your

even temper and sweetness makes them easy to target for those who want to take

advantage of you. You are extremely loyal with them to whom you care about.

You are well-liked for sticking to own principles. Number six is related to the sun

which accounts for your unusually sunny nature. You are always interested in

managing to see the positive side of even in the most disturbing situations.

The Negatives side of this number can include dominance, inflexibility and a self-righteous attitude.

They expect from others to act as in they are, from those around them. There is a tendency to

self sacrifice to save others from stress or harm which cause excessive worrying to them.