Number 6’s : Compatibility with Other Numbers

Here are the Numerology  Number 6’s  Compatibility with Other Numbers. This can Help in you while you are on decision to some what, specially for Marriage.  Number 6 is for Venus, its Caretaker, Loving and Responsible Personality Venus  Planet


Numerology Numbers Significance of Numbers Numerology Number 6’s : Compatibility With Other Numbers
Other Numbers Number 6 is for Venus, its Caretaker, Loving and Responsible Personality
1 Number 1 Sun Career Oriented and Independent. For Marriage: If Number 6 marry with 1, this is an excellent combination for making Life Happy and Long lasting
2 Number 2 is for Moon. Honest and Emotional in Nature For Marriage: This is one of the best Relationship, as both are Artistic, Spiritual, Imaginative Intuitive, Home and Peace Loving.
3 Number 3 is for Jupiter. and Mastermind in Personality For Marriage: Both are similar in likes and dislikes. Number 3 is Mastermind and 6 is the Number of common sense thus the combination is Excellent.
4 Number 4 is for Uranus. 4 is Practical, Reserved, Home Loving and trust worthy. For Marriage: 4 and 6 Numbers are compatible with each other. They can Live a very Happy Life if married each other.
5 Number 5 represents Mercury.5 is freedom Loving, Changeable, Travel Loving, adventurous For Marriage:Number 6 is a family Loving Person. This combination works well in good as both the partners are of balanced characteristic to make a good family life.
6 Number 6 is loyal, Intelligence, Balanced and Commonsense with Family Loving are some qualities of Number 6 For Marriage: Both are Venus and have completely harmony with each other.completely balanced, have lots of common sense and give priority to their family. This should be a perfect couple
7 Number7 is for Neptune. 7 is a gentlemen, Peaceful,Intelligent, and Understanding, For Marriage: All the qualities of Number 7 and 6 makes a wonderful and Life long Relationship in their Marriage Life
8 Number 8 is for Saturn. Ambitious. Strong and Power Seekers For Marriage: To make Successful Married Life, it is necessary to maintain balance and coordination between these Numbers because Number 6 brings good luck to Number 8.
9 Number 9 is for Mars. Highly Spiritual, Ambitious in Nature. For Marriage: Both are highly Spiritual, Talented, Artistic, Home Loving, and make their home with love and peace. People with these two Numbers could enjoy happy, wonderful, and peaceful life.