Number 9’s : Compatibility with Other Numbers

Here are the Numerology Number 9’s Compatibility with Other Numbers. This can Help in you while you are on decision to some what, specially for Marriage. Number 9  is for Mars, 9 is Highly Spiritual, Talented, Sensitive, Home Loving Sacrificing and Encouraging in Nature

Planet Mars

Numerology Numbers Significance of Numbers Numerology Number 9’s : Compatibility With Other Numbers
Other Numbers Number 9 Maars,  is Highly Spiritual, Talented, Sensitive, Home Loving Sacrificing and Encouraging in Nature
1 Number 1 is for Sun. Career Oriented and Independent. For Marriage: Number 9 and 1 both are Aggressive, Inventive and Demonstrating as they are sign of fire. Both are understanding in their relationship, as Number 1 is a Career Oriented and Dominating whereas Number 9 is Sacrificing and Encourages his Life partner all the way
2 Number 2 is for Moon. Gentleman,Shy and Sensitive For Marriage: Mars is the friend with Moon, So this relationship is good for Love and Marriage.
3 Number 3 is for Jupiter. 3 is Artistic, Creative, easy going, Optimistic and Positive. For Marriage : Their Likes and Dislikes are almost same. This relationship is very perfect as Number 9 is Practical and Number 3 is the Mastermind
4 Number 4 is for Uranus. Hard worker, Career Minded and Intelligent For Marriage: Both the Numbers are Idealistic, Compassionate, Understanding and Ambitious. Thus these two People can enjoy their Married Life Happily
5 Number 5 is Mercury. 5 is freedom loving, Restless, Changeable and Unconventional For Marriage: Both the Numbers are entirely opposite in Nature. Thus it is necessary to develop proper understanding between them for Happy Married Life.
6 Number 6 is for Venus. Artistic, Home Loving and Compassionate For Marriage: Both Numbers are highly Spiritual, Talented, Artistic Home Loving, and make their home on the principle of love
7 Number 7 is Neptune. 7 is Intelligent, Spiritual Philosophical For Marriage: This is an ideal Relationship. These two Numbers will brings Happiness, Harmony, Peace and Prosperity in their Life.
8 Number 8 is for Saturn. 8 is Ambitious, Power Hungry, Hard Worker and always believe on sound Judgement. For Marriage: Number 8 takes advantage and try to Control over Number 9. thus it requires Healthy Understanding to make any relationship happy.
9 Number 9 represents the planet Mars. 9 is loving, Understanding, Intelligent and compassionate in nature. For Marriage: These two Numbers make a Successful and Healthy Relationship. They become a passionate lovers and true friend with each other.