Pitra Dosha

The Inauspicious placements of planets in Vedic Astrological  Horoscope of a Person is known as  Pitra Dosha . The Pitra Dosha is the results  of  Sins committed by our Forefathers. Pitra Dosha is the direct and significant impact on First, Fifth, Eighth, Ninth or Tenth house of the vedic  astrologicle  horoscope or birth chart by the Malefic Planets Like  Rahu, Ketu,  Mars  and  Jupiter.

Pitra Dosha  is also created due to following planets in a horoscope and in accordance with the reasons mentioned against each of them.

  • Sun – The Pitra Dosha caused by the Sun, is reflects to the Sins committed by Father.

  • Saturn – The Pitra Dosha created by Saturn, is relates to the Sins committed against weaker section of the society by male blood relations of  Father  and  Grandfather.

  • Rahu – The Pitra Dosha created  by  Rahu, is related to the  Sins  committed by the Ancestors

  • Jupiter – The Pitru Dosha created by the Jupiter, is related to the Sins committed by Grandfather and Ancestors.

  • Mars – The Pitra Dosha Caused by Mars, is the result of the Sins committed due to thrust of anger by the male relatives.

  • Mercury – The Pitru Dosha caused by Mercury, is related to the Sins committed against children by the female relatives

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