What is Panchak Yog


As per Astrology, when Moon effects on Pisces and Aquarius Zodiac signs, that time is called as Panchak Kaal or Yog and it is considered as an inauspicious time. Thus, the five constellation (Nakshtra) Dhanishtha, Shatbhisha, Poorva Bhaadrapad, Uttara Bhaadrapad and Revati are known as Panchak Constellations. According to astrologers, these constellations are inauspicious, due to their nature, any work done in this time repeats 5 times. So, Panchak Constellations are supposed to be Inauspicious for any Auspicious work.

Funeral ceromeny of any dead body should not be done in Panchak Kaal. It is believed that if cremation is done in this period, that family loses 5 more family members.(So, if someone Expires in this Panchak Kaal and that family needs to do cremation in this period, they should make 5 mannequins (dummies) of flour and grass and should cremate with the dead body as if treating as dead body properly. By doing this, that Panchak Kaal will not affect and no family member will die by the effect of Panchak Kaal. Otherwise it is said that 5 persons of thatfamily or clan may die within period of two-months.)

According to the Scriptures of Mahurat (auspicious time), at the time of arriving the mahurat for Marriage and Mundan, this time must be checked.

Other auspicious functions like bhoomi poojan, house warming cermony and upnayan sanskaar etc. are not Astro Sign  Panchak Yogprohibited in Panchak Kaal. Also, in festivals like Bhai Dooj, Raksha Bandhan are also not prohibited in this time.

So, it is clear that Panchak Kaal is a time which originated due to changes in five imported constellations. Some of the auspicious and inauspicious works are not advised to be done in this period of time.

Five Prohibited Tasks during Panchak

There are fives tasks which are prohibited to perform during Panchak. Traveling in south direction, restoring fuel, funeral of body, building house and making bed are not considered auspicious to do during Panchak.
According to Astrology if you perform any task during these Nakshatras you may have to repeat it for five times.

                                                       Panchak Timings During the year 2013

Panchak Starting Month Date Time IST Panchak Ending Month Date Time IST
January 14 06.12 am January 18 19.22 pm
February 10 16.44 February 15 4.08
March 10 1.32 March 14 13.16
April 6 8 April 10 21.31
May 3 13.24 May 8 4.06
June 27 4.04 June 4 4048
July 24 14.08 July 31 22.54
August 21 0.29 August 25 7.42
September 17 9.32 September 21 17.1
October 14 16.25 October 19 2
November 10 21.5 November 15 9.13
December 8 4.02 December 12 14.54