Significance of “Pradkshina” in the temple

Most of the Hindu parents want to make it habit to visiting the Temple regularly with their Family and children. But, there are certain Ethics that should be followed while visiting the temple. One such Ethic is to take a “Parikrama” “Pradkshina” or Circumambulating around the temple. Parikrama means “to take the path surrounding something”. Most Hindu temple have a various Pradaksina paths . According to scriptures, one who compltes the “Pradkshina” around the temple he get the blessings of God with “Akshay Punya”



Why “Pradkshina” is important?

Once the Puja or Aarti is completed, the temple premises is filled with positive energy of that concerned God Pradakhina in Templesor Dity. The devotees will also Experience or Feel the Presence of that Devine during this period. The idol of the God or Goddess is also situated in the middle of the temple and it is believed that there is maximum roaming of positive energy sorrunding the Idol or around that area.  The devotees absorb this positive energy while circumambulating around that idol in the Temple Premises. Hence, it is important to circumambulate or take a “Parikrama” after the aarti. “Pradkshina” is always to be done with a meditative mood.

Shiva temple , Speciality of Pradakshina

In Lord Shiva or Mahadeva Temples, the devotees start the Pradakshina from the front and go clockwise till they reach the gomukhi (the outlet for abhisheka water) from the Sanctum Sanctorum. The outlet for the ritual ablution offered on the Shiva Linga with water, milk, curd, coconut water, ghee, ashes (bhasma)etc. is not to be crossed. So the worshippers have to return in anti-clockwise direction till they reach the other side of the outlet or Gomukhi to complete the circle. During this anti-clockwise perambulation, the devotee should tread a path inside of the Bali stones. One should remember this Bali stones is to be kept in the right side of the devotees. After reaching the Gomukhi oulet, they have to return to the front in the clockwise direction keeping the path outside the Bali stones. Thus one “Pradakshina” is completed.

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