Temples in India



Anybody knows the birth of temple. There are no temples at the Vedic age (1500-500BC). At the Indo-Aryans period they come to know man cannot live without God.And the God is always not present in front of us. So, they make a description of all and make to invite him. Then the image of god is made through there religions and places of worship.

It is not sure but some references the first Temple (Prambanan) was built. It was located in Indonesia and it was first reconstructed in 1733 with the Dutch and it was completed in the 1953 by Sukano.
Temples in India were regarded as terrified places. The temples are built with the principles of “Shilpa shasthra”   also called as Vasthu. The temple has some specification to construct such as garbagudi, tower (dwaja sthabam), entrance gate etc.

In India number of temples are constructed and it have a different types where as Ancient Temples in India  it is flourish of knowledge and culture,  Medieval Temples in India are built with the symbolic of rulers and richness, Modern Temples in India  is an fascinating  technologies symbol, Pilgrimage Temple in India  is mystery surroundings which is unsolved over years and Heritage Temple  in India is an artistic talent.

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