Thousand Pillar Temple


Thousand Pillar Temple

              To know more about the richness of the Ancient Temple of India, you have to visit Thousand Pillar Temple (Veyyi Stambhala Gudi) it is a popular Ancient temple, where thousands of devote of all assurance arrive here to pay their worship. To know the history of temple go back to Chalukyan period.

              The Rudra Deva was constructed the Thousand Pillar temple in the 1163 AD, at Hanumakonda which is the part of Warangal. IT is one of best architecture statue of Kakatiya. In this we have three temples of goddess Lord Shiva, Surya (Bramha) and Vishnu.

              The Thousand Pillar Temple is star shaped and most of the temples face is on east but it faces to south .Where sun rays falls direct to Lord Shiva (Lingam). And Nandi (cow) is the vehicle of God Shiva which faces on west. In this temple we also find a dance floor (Natya Mandapam). This temple is on Hanumakonda hills and it around beautiful garden is placed.

             I really feel that it is a wonder and joyful time of seeing amazing architecture of temple. So, I request you to visit the temple for seeing the historical of thousand pillar temple.

           The timings of Thousand Pillar Temple are 5:00am-6:00pm. And the address of temple is Raipura, Hanamkonda, Telangana 506011.

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