Using Sapphires Check what Astrosign Says

Planet Saturn is the  Supreme  God  of  Justice.  All the zodiac  sings  (Astrosigns) get influenced by Saturn, which may be favorable or  unfavorable. The astrologers suggests  several remedies  for obtaining  the favorable results from the planet Saturn.

Sapphire Ring

Here are some effects of  Sapphire which are different for each zodiac.One  of  them is  wearing  Sapphire, the planet Saturn  gemstone. Here one thing should be remember that, this Gemstone should be mountain-ed in Panchadhatu or Silver and never in Gold.

Aries  (Mesh) :  The Sapphire brings  Good Luck and fortune for the Arians. Profit  will  Increase Further, if  one  wears  Sapphire during the major period of Saturn.  Employees  will secure progress and promotion.
Taurus  (Vraschic) : 
They have   to wear  a  Sapphire along with a diamond stone to ensure profit in Astrosignsbusiness and success  in  Employment.
Gemini   (Mithun) : 
In major period of  Saturn in your horoscope,  if you wear Sapphire  you  will gain monetary benifit as well as fortune.
Cancer  (Karka) :
Sapphire will affect you adversely so don’t wear it.
Leo  (Singh) :
Your zodiac sign is Sun, You are advised not to wear Sapphire.
Virgo  (Kanya) :
Sapphire may cause stomach disorders and Harm your Health So don’t wear Sapphire.
Libra  (Tula) : 
Planet  Saturn will from a Raj Yog  to Libra. So Wearing Sapphire will bring  glory in your Life
Scorpio (Vruschik) : 
If you are in real-estate and automobile business wear Sapphire, it ill benefits you.
Sagittarius (Dhanu) :
Never wear Sapphire, because it will improves your enemies.
Capricorn (Makar): 
Your zodiac sign is  planet Saturn, so wearing a  sapphire, you will get blessings  with health, opulence, longevity and knowledge from Saturn.
Aquarius (Kumbh):
Wearing Sapphire will reduce your expenses and multiply the earning  as   you will be benefited with the favorable aspect of  the planet Saturn.
Pisces (Mean) :
You  are  suggested not to  wear Sapphire, as you may face hindrances in earning money. The gemstone may harm your health.

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