Vaastu Dosha Remedies

Vaastu Dosha

A Building may have combination of minor and major defects. This magnitude of defects depends on the direction where the defects occur and the multiplicity increases. Generally north east and south west corners are considered to be the most important orientations in vastu. As per the vastu, north east is like the receiving hands. It is the magic corner of the house. It is considered that luck enters a dwelling unit through north east, if open and remains in side the premises if south west is closed, solid and packed. If south west is open, luck would take an exit from there.

Therefore any Defects in northeast and southwest can be treated as major defects.

A Vastu dosh can be corrected through the changes in the rooms, through interiors of the house, by changing the placements, by using regulators or using some charged objects. Every vastu dosh has some remedy and if taken properly, the happiness and peace comes back in the life again.

Vaastu Dosha Remedies

These are the simple remedies,one can do himself, without any extra expenses.

  1. Ganesh pooja, Navagrah shanti & pooja of  Vastu purush. 
  2. Navachandi Yagya, Shantipath, Agnihotra Yagya.
  3. Vastu purush idol, Nag (snake) made of silver, copper wire,pearl and powla. All these items to be put in a red cloth with red earth and keep that in East direction.
  4. Red sand Cashew Nut, Powla in red cloth – keep that in West direction on Tuesday and worship that with seemed incense will bring peace in house.Coral (Powla)
  5. Recite ” Om Namoh Bhagvati Vaastu Devtay Namah ” mantra every Tuesday morning 108 times
  6. If you are facing health problems, check your bed. As per vastu shastra, one should always use bed with four legs. Box type bed stops air circulation and is the foremost reason for bad health.
  7. Poster of crying girl, war scene, sexy scenes, angry man, owl and eagle are considered inauspicious. If you are having one of them in your home, replace it immediately.
  8.  Kitchen heavy items such as grinders, fridge, and likewise items should be placed towards the  west and the southern wall of the kitchen.

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236 thoughts on “Vaastu Dosha Remedies

  1. what is Powla

    • Powla is known as Coral in English.

      Coral, Moonga, red and sindoori (vermilion) in color. This is used in jewellery dates since back by the Romans who considered it auspicious worn in amulets. Because of it auspiciousness, the coral, through not a precious stone, has been given a cover-ted place in Navaratnas. A good coral is opaquer-ed, is perfectly round or oval; is smooth, and gives out lovely splendorous. It is flawed if it is spotted, cracked, has more than one shade of color or the surface is anyway depressed or twisted.

  2. hello sir ,i m just shifting my kitchen to other place in the house the total area of it is just 7*5. i m sending u the position of it

    the most important thing is that my kitchen is in the SE corner of the flat

    1.the enterance of the kitchen is in the SW corner of the kitchen n i cant change the enterance.
    2.the head over shafts can be built on the E n N wall only.
    3.i can put my gasstove n sink in the N or E
    4. i have to put my fridge n micro wave in the NW corner of the kitchen .
    5.i cant do any thing on the south wall of the kithcen as there is a window .

    so i can not do any thing on the south n west wall of the kitchen
    plz help me to make my kitchen vastu dosh free. what remedies can i do to avoid vastu dosh.

    • Hi, Ruchi Sharma:
      kitchen is in the SE(Agneya) corner of the flat, its Fine no problem.
      Entrance to kitchen in SW (Nairutya) it doesn’t matter.
      You please put the Gasstove to the East wall,so that your face while you cook would be in east facing.
      If possible try to put fridge in the SW corner of the kitchen or adjacent to south wall with North or West facing, below the South wall widow or side to it.
      If you do all these your kitchen will be Vaastu dosh free. and note that no one is 100%. Our success will depend on our own karma. Always do it according to nature, Nature will with you always.

  3. What is red earth? Which day he have to keep this? What puja we have to do?

    Vastu purush idol, Nag (snake) made of silver, copper wire,pearl and powla. All these items to be put in a red cloth with red earth and keep that in East direction.

  4. Where we can get Vastu purush idol

  5. What is Red sand Cashew Nut?

  6. What is red earth? Which day he have to keep this? What puja we have to do?

    Vastu purush idol, Nag (snake) made of silver, copper wire,pearl and powla. All these items to be put in a red cloth with red earth and keep that in East direction.

  7. Thank you very much sir.

  8. Namaste Sir,
    We recently shifted to a rented house recently which as kitchen in the west side of the house and the platform is on the southwest side.We didnot know about this problem before and shifted. The neighbours are telling that earlier who lived in this house ,the head of the family got TB and got verry ill, so they shifted this house in 8 months. Please let me know if there is any remedy for my problem as i am having sleepless nights regarding this house.please help me sir….

    • Srilatha Ji

      Kitchen in the west side, and kitchen platform is on the southwest side, is totally wrong as per vastu principles. Kitchen in South west will provide a negative energy, or ” Doshyukt” food to all family.(this is the place of evil powers) It may cause health, wealth problems to family. It is rental house so change it to avoid all these problems.

  9. Hello Sir,

    We have purchased a new flat wherein the kitchen is in the southwest.There are no ways to change the position of the kitchen.The cooking however can be done facing the east.Can u suggest any remedies to remove the vaastu dosha of the kitchen.

  10. Kitchen should not be in West. The logic is the ruling planet of West is of Varun, the god of Water. Here cooking relates to Fire ( Agni ). So water and fire are not compatible to each other, so avoid Kitchen in West direction. Eighter in west or South west. Then family members will face long life health problem related to Anexity and Depression. South west is the Evil residential part in the house, food will get poisioned quickly.
    Remedy: Place a ” Sarva Mangal Vastu Yantra” in Flat. this should be energized by well known pandit. If possible change the kitchen to south east

  11. Rajeshwar Reddy

    Hi Sir, Our south west corner of our house has a window.Will it effect mu business or health?

    • Hi,
      If Window in South West, try to close it, if not possible keep it closed maximum time. Logic is a cosmic rays or positive energy which enters through North East,it escapes through South West if it is opened. Please check this point and act accordingly.

  12. sir


    hamare plot jis par makan bana hua hai woh uttar mukhi hai jiska front ki width jyada hai aur peeche ki width kam matlab south west corner kam hai matalab makan reactangle me nahi bana hua peechhe ki width front ki width se kam hai kuchh is tarah ki front width 42 ft and back width 39 ft jabki plotki length dono side se 50 ft hai isme

    north ki deewar seedhi hai jabki jo deewar west me hai seedhi nahi hai woh north front me jyada hai

    iske kya prabhav hai aur kya remedy hai

    irshad pathan

    • Hello,
      Mr. Irshad Pathan,
      This is a Sher-mukhi plot, and plot is broad in the front and narrow in the back side. This type of plot is not good for residences but it can be used for commercial purpose construction.

    • Hello, Mr. Irshad Pathan
      This is a Sher-mukhi plot, and broad in the front and narrow at the back. This type of plot is not good for residences but can be used for commercial construction.

  13. Hello Sir,Our main entrance and kitchen are in southwest side of the house. Can not remodel. Please advise. Thanks

  14. Your main entrance at South West, which is not a positive zone. This needs a Vastu corrections as this is a Major Vastu fault. You need to enhance the opposite direction i.e. northeast with the Vaastu energizer and cure the south west with vasthu lead like uses of Pyramids, Crystal Balls , Camphor Swastika, Crystals, Mirrors. Place the picture of Panchmukhi hanuman on main entrance door as this form of God Hanuman controls South and West direction, will protect from entering Negative energy.
    Please note that this changes or placing of energizer should be done under the guidance of Vastu expert.

    Your kitchen is at southwest corner if possible remove kitchen from this place and construct the kitchen at southeast corner.If not possible, Just face toward north-east direction when you cook.

  15. sir

    we are residing since 15 year in it it constructed facing various problem how to eradicate this one vaastu dosha

  16. As you said it you are facing problems since its construction, then why you stay there, please dispose it and shift to new place. or you can use it for commercial purpose. Presently there is no remedy.

  17. hello sir

    we are in an apartment with east entrance but south west and west direction is completely opened with balcony. we are renting here so cannot demolish. any remedy to stop its bad effects please?

    • Yamini ji ;

      South-west should not be extended or left open for future results as south-west is heavy direction which has to be balanced with heavy weight so as to reap good benefits from it.
      The extension in South-west or Open space: This will give disastrous effects to the residents in the form of bad health, loss of wealth, unnecessary enemies and will affect the dignity, and may lead to suicide, Drug addiction, drunkenness, gambling, etc
      If you are living there on rental, you can shift to elsewhere.
      Vastu Remedey for South West dosha :
      Rahu is the lord of south west direction, so install a Rahu Yantra in south west will reduce the ill effects of south west direction.
      ( Please remember any changes or placement of any Yantras in the House will be made under guidance of well known Vaastu Expert )

  18. Hello sir
    I have my stairs in the north east also a big tree in the north east beside my house
    Please advise for remedy
    Moreover please advise remedy for delay in marriage and ill health
    Waiting for your reply

    • Having staircase in north-east of the house is inauspicious. Do the following changes to reduce the ill effects of the vaastu dosh:
      1. Demolish the staircase in north-east of the house and construct a new wooden staircase by leaving a space from east and north wall of the house. As a result, the north-east direction of the house will get lighter to the South West.
      2. Keep the floor level of the north-east portion Lower, than in comparison to the floor level to the rest of the house.
      3. Construct new underground water tanks in North East (east Eshan and north Eshan) by leaving space northeast corner walls of the house.
      For delay in marriage and ill health please contact a well known Astrologer near by you.

      When there is a Big tree in front of the main gate, East side of the House.
      Remedy : “Vastu Remedies for East Defect” Sun is the lord of East direction, so worship the sun, offering water to sun in copper pot will be very help to reduce this dosh.

  19. hi sir , we have balcony that is extende to naruthi , actually according to wasthu nairuthi balcony shoudnt be there so please tell me remedy so that my parents llive in peeace

    • Hello, Kiran ;
      Please minimize the uses of this balcony.
      You should enhance the opposite direction i.e. northeast with the vastu energizer and cure the south west with vaastu lead like uses of Pyramids, Crystal Balls , Camphor Swastika, Crystals, Mirrors. Place the picture of Panchmukhi hanuman on North wall facing to south as this form of God Hanuman controls South and West direction, and protects from entering Negative energy.
      Please note that this placing of energizer should be done under the guidance of Vastu expert.

  20. Hello sir,

    Many thanks for your reply , please note that the stairs cannot be demolished please advise for other remedies
    Does this dosh causes ill health


  21. my kitchen entrance is from south. gas stove is in d north. I have dry balcony in d north east. on d

    east side we have a window.In d west I have put a fridge.we have put mandir in d north east

    corner. pls guide us.

    • Hello ; Trupti Ji,

      First let me know weather it is a rental or own house. Kitchen entrance in south, close and shift it in north or west direction in the Kitchen. Put the gas stove in South direction of the kitchen
      Dry balcony in North East, window in east, both are fine. Put the fridge in south west or south east corner of kitchen or dinning hall. Mandir in the North East corner, Very fine.
      Almost you are fine in Vastu principles.

  22. Hello Sir, we are planning to buy new home, and entrance is facing east (east of north east direction), and kitchen is touching south wall. Is it as per vastu?

    Thank you!

    • Hello
      MG , Your house is perfect as per Vastu Principle, However please show the house to a vastu consultant near by you for detail clearance.

  23. hello my kitchen is in north east corner. how do I cure ? Thank you.

  24. Hello,
    Devesh ji, Kitchen in North East. No remedy at all. Better u shift it to South east corner. if not possible, at-least use south east corner to cook in the present kitchen

  25. hello sir ,
    i am job less and i want to get a new job is there any vastu dosh in our house.our house main gate is in north east corner and its facing east and our kitchen in between east and south in east south corner our living room and 1 room is in south west and another room is in north west corner and in the room of south west corner there is a small temple in the cupboard so plz suggest me the how i can get a good job .THANK U

    • Hi, Bharti ji,
      Please send me plan of your house. Please come out from the impression that, if you have a good Vastu, you will get a good job. For a good job you have to qualify yourself with required skills. How ever a good Vastu may help you getting it, but you have to work hard in that way.

  26. Our kitchen is located in Southwest corner of the apt. and while cooking i face southwest direction. now we cannot move out of the house for another year kindly suggest some remedy for this problem

    • Hi, Juhi Ji
      Kitchen in South west, totaly opposite as per Vastu Principles. If this apt is rental, pls shift elsware. While cooking try to face towards east or north. Place a “PANCHAMUKHI HANUMAN” in the Kitchen facing South direction.

  27. Hi
    Please advise for remedy of first stairs in the east inside house and second stairs outside in south east
    Can I put copper swastika in the east to cure this defect and elevate the concrete column in the south west to balance the defect in east

    • Hi Vis;
      First stairs in the east inside house, means the height of this stairs is upto height of house. The second stairs outside in South east seems no problem. You can put copper swastika in the east facing to south and elevate the column which may have a weight more than that of North east.

  28. Hi Sir,
    We are moving to a new flat (east facing) where living room is in northeast, master bedroom-northsouth, 2nd bedroom in southeast and kitchen in southwest direction. common toilet is between kitchen and 2nd bedroom, so wall for kitchen and bathroom are same. Kitchen platform is east facing. We can’t shift kitchen to south east and 2nd bedroom to southwest. Please let me know we need to do any vasthu pariharam for this.

    • Hello Mr. Karpagam
      Please shift the Kitchen to South east and 2nd bed room to North west. As you said We can’t shift kitchen and bedroom. Reason you have not mentioned. See Mr. Karpagam ; there is nothing more to our “Servival” as house is for our safety & happiness, and not we for house, and there is no remedy for your problem. So its better to do some changes under guidance of Vaastu expert near by you.

  29. sir i have baught one flat recently in Delhi.later on i come to know that,there is a smashan neer to the flat, its adjacent to our block and its falls exactly behind my flat( 1 km away) its in south west side of my flat, and its visible from our window, i have converted that flat in to my pl suggest me some remidy for the vastudosha.

  30. Hello Sir. Thanks for your reply. Reason is that there is no passage for letting out waster water from sink.

  31. hello sir

    we have constructed a new house and tried to follow vastu principles. but due to some constraints we have few vastu dosh. 1) We have a drainage chamber in south west. 2) though our septic tank is in North west part of plot its aligned in North South direction Instead of east west alignment. Fridge is in north west part of kitchen.

    • Mr.Jay, As you said it your drainage chamber in south west means this direction is lower to Northeast. This is totally against the Vastu principles and a major defect. put the fridge in south east or south west part in kitchen

  32. Another Dosh is that waste water is drained out in south direction

  33. hello sir ,
    actualy i want to know how can we make a good flow of wealth in our house because there is money come to our house but not stay so that i want to konw a vastu remedy for a good flow of money in our house for this which area we should take more attention ???as per vastu saying that north area for money and carrier .so please suggest the vastu remedy for this..THANK U

    • Hello Bharti,
      To stay Money in your house, completely close the South west. Give more attention to North.
      For better financial luck place Yellow flowers, flowers plants in North direction. If you are facing monetary issues place a handful of Coriander seeds in the North direction of Kitchen.

  34. Bharti,
    As i said earlier please send me a plan and details regarding your stay in house, like, kitchen, bedroom, living room , and all….!

  35. Hello sir

    What remedy should I take if kitchen is in north east…. My enterance is also north east .

    • Also it’s a rented appartment

    • The kitchen never be in the north-east or north direction, as this can invite arguments, prevents wealth and luck from entering in your life and also adversely affect the career.
      Remedy:1. Paste a Jupiter crystal pyramid above the Gas stove, to minimize negative vibration of this defect.
      2. Lord Shiva is the ruling God of the North east direction. So worship lord Shiva to minimize the ill effects of north east direction.

  36. our house main door is east facing kitchen is betwen east and south i room is in south corner and i room is in west corner

  37. and living room is in south corner

  38. Sir, i have problem of vastu dosh in my father-in-law house…The kitchen is in East-South direction..Everything is fine, but when we showed to vastu person. He is telling the length of the kitchen is 1 feet more big and agni place has grown it seems..Due to that there is health issues to females in the family, so plz guide me what to be done as they are staying in the rented house and they cant change the house for that matter…is there any remedy for that. Plz guide us.

    • Hi, Yogesh
      If it is rental house, its better to shift to new place, rather than facing a health problems. However regarding the size of kitchen, it should not be exceed than 1/4 of the construction area of the house. Presently due to rental, you can’t do any alteration. So please shift to new house.

  39. Sir,
    My septic tank is in the southwest. Rest of house is Vastu compliant. Please suggest me a remedy.

    • Septic tank in South West direction is totally against the Vaastu principles.
      So place the Siddha Rahu Yantra in South west direction to minimize the bad effects of South west deffects.
      This should be done in the guidance of Vaastu expert.

  40. Hello – I have a duplex. The room on top which is master bedroom has a slopping roof from the north and north is on high and south southwest is down. What remedy can we do?

    • Hi
      As the slope of the master bedroom is from North to South.Presently no remedy, i think this is a RCC slab.Place a “Panchmukhi” hanuman photo on North wall facing to South direction.

  41. sir ,our house main door is east facing kitchen is betwen east and south i room is in south corner and i room is in west corner and living room is in south corner

  42. Sir, First of all thank you for the rply which you have sent by taking your precious time for me…Sir, we have searched so many houses…there are plenty of vastu dosha in rental houses, some places agni place is big of 3 to 5 feet more, in kuber place they have kept toilet in southwest corner, eshanya place they have placed kitchen and in some places agni place they have kept water sink and lots of problems…If we find a correct house also…they are asking house rent to be paid extremely high of 25 to 30k/month, which is really expensive…So, plz guide if there is any instrument or thing which we can reduce the power of the agni place in current place, which my fatherinlaw is living, so that we can take time to build our own house for another almost 3 to 4 years…so plz kindly tell us is there anything new instrument that we can place in the kitchen to reduce the power. We have taken it for lease for 3 years. The house is really good except this kitchen problem…kindly send some solution.

  43. Mr. Yogesh
    Presently place a ” Sarv Mangal Vaastu Yantra” and energized “Durga Yantra” in the house under the guidance of Vaastu Expert or any Pandit who perform the Puja. Dedicate your self in the God, he will show the way.

  44. We have purchased a plot with constructed building from an insolvent. What is the remedy for this.

    • Hello,Mariappan
      You have purchased house from insolvent, don’t worry he became insolvent due to his own karma or fate,
      You should try to behave with nature and according to nature, Place a ” Sarva Mangal Vaastu Yantra ” in the house and
      perform the Vaastu Yagnya in the house, nothing will goes wrong

  45. Sarva Mangal Vaastu Yantra – how can it be done? Now the possession of the property is in issue with court. We are not in possession of the property. The old tenant of the seller is still in possession of a portion of the property. Now he is not allowing us to enjoy the other (remaining excluding his possession) portion of the property. In such case, how it can be done? Also the insolvent I mention here is a brahmin (iyer).

  46. Dear Sir,
    Namaskar ,
    My kitchen & bathroom in southwest and toilet in northwest corner
    What can i do ? pl suggest me

    • Hello Sanjeev,
      Please close the kitchen and shift it to South east or North west.
      Modify the toilet in Northwest and use it as Bathroom as well as Toilet.
      If you have a room in North west, convert it to Kitchen and use present
      Kitchen as a Bedroom.

  47. Hello sir,
    Mine is own house and I have a cut in southwest direction. After the cut I hAve garage can you please suggest?


    • Hello Nagaraj ji,
      There seems nothing wrong in your Flat,every thing is OK. Regarding change in height of balcony, see that the North east area should be lower to South west, means the slop of the Flat should be in North east direction ( South should be Higher than North and West than East). Regarding the Depression there are many things which causes it. Give her a medical treatment from a well-known psychiatrist.

  49. Dharmesh Patel

    HI Sir, I am planning to buy a penthouse on 8th & 9th floor.
    N I h I This is the shape of the entire project & the directions. a,b, c…..j,k are the
    I I apartment towers. “g” is the tower where i am planning to buy the
    ———I i I penthouse. “g” towers orientation is as follows;
    I f g j I
    W I e k I E N
    I–d—-c b / ____ ____
    / a / I_m _I I____I
    /—-/ W ____ tower g__ E
    I____I I____I
    S S

    is the the total project plot ok? i m planning to buy flat “m” as shown above for which;
    on the 8th floor (1) main entrance is at south-east corner on east side (2) drawing/living is on North, (3) kitchen is on south-east on east side besides the main entry (4) dinning is in the east (5) pooja room in north -east on east side & balconny is on north east on north side (6) staircase is on south climbing clockwise (7) parents bedroom on south-east with toilet/bath on south-east of the room& guest bedroom on west adjescent to the parents bed room with toilet/bath on west side(8) open terrace on north-west on north side
    on the ninth floor, (9) the master bedrooom is on southwest corner with toilet /bath on south side of the room (10) familly sitting in the centre (11) child bedroom is in the south-east towards east side with toilet /bath on the southern side of the room, (12) open terrace on the north-east on north side.
    tell me is this a good one? if any doshas are there , kindly tell me the remedies. please.

  50. Sir,

    i have purchased a new house in which the stair case is on the east side sir i would like to know what r its effect and if there is a dosh can it be rectiffed with out breaking the stairs…..

    • Taran Anand,
      Namaskar, Stair case in East means where exact in the North direction or in South direction.
      Please clarify. Moreover I have replied related Query on 27 May 2013.please read it in comment section

      • Sir ours is a south facing house and the stairs are in almost in the center of east side, but if we take exact measurement its a little in northeren side. and another thing is our boring is in the north east side of the house. are there any ill effects of these things??

        • Hello Taran ji;
          Stairs in your house are in north east area, means North east is getting weight more than South west, its against the Vaastu, construct a overhead water storage tank in South west which will increase the height and weight of the South west than North east. Boring is in the north east side of the house it is very fine and reduce the other ill effects of the house

  51. Hello Sir,
    Ours is rented house, ground floor front portion.
    Our main door faces East, we have another door facing north as well, North east corner has the shoe rack kept. Is this wrong? what can be kept to replace that area?
    Kitchen in south east area , cooking facing east, sink on left and stove on right but there is a small partition next to it where we get water supply.
    Two bed rooms – one in north west and another in south west, but there is a laundry section in south west corner where we keep washing machine and seems like there is a drainage exit from this end. Which bedroom to use?
    No promotions for husband, no wealth, no job for me, no peace of mind, please advise remedy as we cant shift this house atleast few months due to agreement..
    Thanking you

    • Hi
      Ammuji, There seems nothing wrong as you said it.Remove shoe placing rack towards west direction.In kitchen keep distance of 2 feet in Gas and water source.
      Bedroom in South west be used for elders in the family and rest one to others like children, guest. Shift washing machine to South east ( Agnyeya) corner of the house portion. Regarding your problem,wait and see it cold be settled with your efforts. Behave with nature,concentrate only on good things to be done,god is there to help you defiantly.

  52. Hello sir,
    Maine ek plot liya hai jiska front 51 feet aur back 39 feet hai. Plot west facing hai. Ghar square shape me plot k beech me bana hai, baki land me flowers lage hai. Kya ye ghar thik hai? Agar nahi to remidies kya hai?

    • Hello Pujaji;
      This is a Sher-mukhi plot, which is broad in the front and narrow in back. In your plot South west is increased and North east is deacrsed. This type of plot is not good for residence in all respect. If posible cut the South side of the plot so as to come it in rectangle. ( you have to cut the south side by 6 feet toward West direction) And leave that place. Before to that show your house to a Vastu expert in your area.

  53. I am renting out an apartment whose entrance faces south west. I am worried about it. There are no other options available. What can i do to fix it ? I have a Bagua mirror with me. Is southwest entrance always unlucky?

    • Hello BK;
      Southwest entrance is not always unlucky. place a Panchmukhi Hanuman Photo
      on the south wall as it will reduce the ill effects.

  54. hi panditji…i am going to buy a flat and the problem is that every flat has one or the other corner cut or extended to go to th eother house. Please advise if we have to take a flat then which direction cut is remedial. like is NE cut is curable or SE cut curable or NW one. Please help I am in great trouble and cant understand wht to do???

    • Hello Prachi Mishra;
      Please avoid “cut-offs” flat or House, especially along in the Northeast and Southwest zones. For best results, avoid any cut-offs.

  55. Hello!
    Sir, I am currently constructing a three floor home. I am having a bedroom in north east side which is not to be used by masters but myself. And that my stairs are coming in Brahmashtan.

    Otherwise we have taken care of the vastu.
    I can’t now afford to get it fixed.
    And I am looking for possible vastu remedies to fix the crises.
    Please help me.
    Thank you

  56. Dear Sir,
    I reside in my own flat with
    West entrance
    There is a cut in the North East Portion and it is in two stages,
    Kitchen in South West and we face West while cooking
    our Pooja room is in North East facing West and pray towards east.
    Kindly advise me what I remedies I should do to solve many problems, especially frequent quarelling in our house, and financial problems now and then.
    Look forward to your earliest reply to guide me to do any thing to put things in favorable position. Also since mine is an apartment (own), but North East cut I cannot do any extension, since my flat is only this much and other part comes under common area.
    Please advise me solution to solve my problems.
    Thanking you,
    With very kind regards,
    S. Ganesh

  57. Hello Sir,

    We recently shifted to our new flat , it has entry on south west corner and master bedroom in North east side with balcony on north east corner ,,, i feel its not gud as per vastu shastra ……… what remedies to be taken kindly suggest?

    • Hi Narmadaji;
      Entry in South west corner and master bedroom in North east side,this is totally against the Basic Vastu Shastra principles.
      Shift Bed room near by to South west. Use Northeast room as a living room.

  58. Chandra Sekhar Dadi

    Hi Sir,

    I have house constructed on my name at my native place Vishakhapatnam. I live hyderabad. Now i have few queries.

    House overview:
    Plot is rectangular: north east entrances both compound wall house has doors of entry. after entrance left side pooja room(E, marked as wood in the pic) and kitchen(SE, wood house of brahma). we do cooking and pooja facing east. Now we have exit at south side wall (S, marked as fire in pic). SW block is a bedroom and a bathroom attached is between S and SW marked in pic (but not out side). NW bedroom and a bathroom attached to it at W marked in above pic. Stair case is at NW outside house. SW We have bath room with lavetry at south west corner and south side gap is lower compared to other sides and we have couple stairs to get down.

    – Is the vastu of my own house impacts me?
    – My own house has north east corner roads which is said to be lucky. But we see financial losses these days. Recently my house was examined our house construction has gap between compound wall and house. We have bath room with lavetry at south west corner and south side gap is lower compared to other sides.

    Please advise.

    Chandra Sekhar.

    • Chandra Sekhar Dadi

      Please note the above plan and questions related to the house constructed at my home town Visakhapatnam.

    • Yes , here the South west side is lower to North east, and you are having bathroom and Lave-try in South west. These two defects are major and totally against the Vastu Shastra.
      It is your own house so shift the bathroom and Lave-try in North west or in South direction in the house.
      South side gap is lower compared to other sides. Means the gap between house wall and compound wall, if it is lower to other side then its OK no problem.

      • Chandra Sekhar Dadi

        Sir, Thanks for valuable feed back. I have the same problem(Lave-try in South west) in current rental house as well. I am experiencing lot of problems like losing mental peace and lot of money. Till i get new house what can i do to minimize the impact like closing the Lave-try with some board and put wait there helps? Please suggest.

  59. Vastu Remedy if one’s house in between to big houses

  60. vastu remedy if one’s house in between to big houses.

  61. Hi Panditji,
    I am going to buy a flat and not able to find a square or rectangle flat since so many days. Please suggest is if we take NE cut and complete that corner by putting photos of hindu gods. Will that work? Also if kitchen is in North or North West will that do?

    My second question is if the entrance of a flat is NE and all the directions are on the edges/ angles of the house is that fine? For eg; extreme left hand side corner of the front wall if North and extreme right hand side corner of the front wall is East thus the door is in North East and extreme South and extreme West angles are bedrooms. How to determine the exact east, west, north and south walls and how to know SW corner in such case. It is quite confusing. Please help me out.


    • Hi;
      Prachji, If not in rectangle,try to get a flat in which the North east is Extended and At least South west is not Extended and there is no any Cut in North east

  62. what to do if all the directions are on the edges/ 90 degree angles of the square or rectangular flat? please reply.

  63. Prachi Mishra

    please revert what to do if all the directions are on the edges/ 90 degrees of the square or rectangle. how to ascertain south west or north west corners then? please let me know.

  64. Sir, i am going to buy a new flat, in which the balcony is in south direction. Is it OK as per Vaastu

    • Gita ji; One thing to note South direction should always closed. Here its opened which will give you many Vastu defects.

  65. Hello Sir,

    We recently shifted to our new Flat , it has entry from North-East corner and master bedroom in South-West corner, this corner little bit extended & have large window at that corner. In South-East there is another room having a extended attached Bath cum Toilet. Our Kitchen is on mid South wall. Financial Point of view, please suggests any remedies.

    • Mr.Prakash ji;
      South west corner is extended which is major vaastu defect, if the window in south west is larger than others, keep it always closed. South east is also extended with Toilet, which is another defect. Please show your flat to a Vaastu expert near by you and do changes under his guidance.

  66. Hello My flat is the only flat at ground floor with pack north side ie no window and having muncipal council service line chamber excaclty at south east corner attached to my flat wall from out side. Flat enterance at west.
    finding deficulty in wealth and job instability.
    Please guide and help me out.

  67. I have my own house , opening is in MAIN GATE SOUTH WEST, Toilet North West, Drwin room on north side next to toilet, Bath room Next to Drwing room , Kitchen on north side after bath room Salbs L shape North East, Gas stove on Midle east wall and sink on south est corner, Then bed room,then store, on south wall after gate space for bike scooter under staires, next to stairs room or say loby in front of kitchen, water tank is on second story on south wall above staires say south west. My wife, me are feeling bad health since long please guide us . It is not possible to reconstruct any thing

  68. We r planning to move to rental house which has 2 houses in each floor, the South wall is common for 2 houses. The toilet and bathroom of that house is in south west (means for that house it is in north west )direction of the house which we have chosen.Is that good to move to that house. Is there any vaastu dosha? Please guide us.

    • Hi Mr.Anil;
      little confusion,if you have chosen the house in which bath and toilet in South west, its not good for living, because that lowers the South west than North east and hat is against the Vastu Shastra principles. You are in rental, then better to avoid that.

      • The house which i have chosen has toilet and bath in north west,our next house towards south of our house has toilet and bath in north west of that house. But that house toilet and bath is towards the south west of our house. Is that a vaastu dosha, please guide us.

  69. Hi, I am in USA. i recently brought new rented apartment.When i go out i face exactly West & east on my back. My kitchen is in SE corner but i face south while cooking…. There is nothing in front of main entrance i kept one hanging mirror that’s on east wall..when you enter from font door you have to take left thats is towards north to go in living room. basically My living room face North (Very much happening (Trees, very big swimming pool, play area for kids). i know my cooking direction is not good what best i can do to avoid the negative impact.. Thank you so much in advance…

    • Hi Smita ji;
      All the things are normal and follows Vaastu Principles except, You face south while cooking, arrange the gas stove in such a way you can face east while cooking. or modify the kitchen platform so as to face east while you cook .

  70. Namaste Sir,

    I am planning to buy a flat in UK (United Kingdom). The kitchen of that flat is in north-east, hob at north-east wall. and main door of the flat is facing north. Is the same vaastu principles applies in UK as well? Its very difficult to get properties in UK as per vaastu. Please suggest.

    • Mr. Surseh,
      Kitchen in north east not recommended, at least see four things in a house,that are, Entrance in east, north, north east, Kitchen in south east, bedroom in South west, and stairs in other than north east.

  71. Kitchen at east south corner,master bed room at west south corner but room south west corner having cut, not in 90 angle and also having two coloumn in the bed room. Initialy every thing was doing well but wealth, wealth and job instability increasing day by day pl suggest remedy if any and help me out.

  72. manvendar singh tomar

    Hello sir in the month of April i have shifted rental house ,the entrance of that flat is south west ,since april i’m facing some problems,pls provide me the solution and remedy.
    Manvendar singh

    • If its a rental house, shift it elsewhere rather to face in problems. As such presently no remedy for a South west entrance, to minimize this ill effect put a “Panchmukhi” hanumanji photo on North wall facing South.

  73. we want to change the direction of our toilet which is in north east part of our plot some way in which this process can be done as it doesnt seem to happen also our main door is west facing more to the north

  74. Hi,

    I am going to buy a flat in an apartment,in which the main door is north east but the balconies are south west or another option is main door south west and balconies north east….which should be preferred in this case due to flat architecture constraints?

    • Hello,
      Better you should go for the Flat which have Entrance in North east.Try to minimize the use of balcony in South west.

  75. In a apartment in Mumbai, the entrance of the flat is in South on east side. Kitchen is in South East but extended. Master Bedroom is in South West but extended. Living room in North and window towards north east. Mater Bedroom toilet is in South and another toilet is in North towards west. Since south west is extended hence there is a cut in north west. it is on 16th floor of a 22 storey building. from the apartment balcony, there are roads on north and east. Please suggest whether I should go to buy this flat or not.

  76. Hllo Ankita ji;
    All things seems as per Vastu Shastra Principles, Only one thing is not accepted that is South west extension, which is not acceptable at any cost. i don’t suggest to buy this flat.

  77. Hi
    right now when i cook in the kitchen, am facing south. its a wall . what are my options to be dosha free. the stove is right next to south east corner which i know is the best spot,

  78. Hello, Vishnu
    Is your kitchen is in L shape, if your stove is right next to South east, make it left to the South east,so you can face east while cooking

  79. Respected,

    We r building a new house in which the entrance is given to South West, We got house plan done by the expert Mr. Chandrashekar Guruji from Saral Vastu, they say it is good side according to our family DOB. As I see in all the articles, it is said that SW is inauspicious I am composed now. Hence please suggest any remedies for this Sir.

    Thank you.

  80. Dear Sir,
    I reside in a house whose entrance is in south, The Master bed room is in South-east with a toilet also in Sothwest. The stairs are in east. There is another Toilet in North. The south, South-west is down by 2 feet. The children room is in north, My moher’s room is in north east. There was a toilet in north east which we have clsed and now books of children are kept in it. We are facing health problems. Any suggestions??

  81. Sir ,
    I am residing in a house whose entrance is from south, There is a borewell in North-East, The master bedroom is in South-West also there is an attached toilet in South-West. The stairs are in East The overhead water Tank is also in East. Children’s room is in North with an attached Toilet in North. The South, South-East, South-South East & South West are down from rest of the house by more than one foot as it a verandah. The Kitchen is Approx. in South-East. The cooking is done with the face towards East. We have health problems & tight financial position despite good earning.
    Kindly suggest remedies. Alterations may be advised minimal.

  82. Hi,

    The South-West corner Veranda is about 10 inches low than the rest of the house. As this should be higher than the rest, please suggest a remedy with out destruction.

    Awaiting your reply,

  83. good evening to you. My partner and myself have recently bought a flat in Goa. Entrance is in the north, Kitchen in the North east, bathroom wall and north east corner share the same wall. Pls advice

  84. Hello Sir,
    We have a toilet in the east of northeast in the first floor of our house.
    Does this create any problem ?
    We are staying since 10 years in our house. We have no any finance coming to us since 6 months. My husband is doing business.
    Any remedy.
    Thanks .

    • Hello Savit,
      You are in your house since 10 years.How is your past experience? Though Toilet in North east is a major diffect. And no remedy for that. Shift it in the South or North west region of the house.

      • Hello Sir,
        My husband was working earlier. Since November, he had to resign and until now did not get any job. So he has started his own buisness. Children are OK in studies. (Not so good). We never know, if something would have been good, if the toilet was not in NE.
        Sir, does it matter if toilet is in 1st floor of a duplex house ?

        • See that toilets on any floor should not be in North east, East, North. If toilet in 1 st floor is top on kitchen or Pooja room ( Place ) of Ground floor, ten it will give you a Bad results.

  85. Sir, I also have the same problem and told by a numerologist that it is absolutely fine as per the time of purchase and my dob

  86. Hi sir,
    I want to know where to keep the lord Lakshmi and Kubera idol or photo in the house, which direction God to be faced and what rules to be followed to do pooja.

    • Hello Yogesh;
      The Idols of godess Laxmi and Kuber should be placed in Pooja room facing East or west. While you do pooja se that you should face East, in that way you can place this Idols or Photos.
      The Idols of these gods should no more than 4″ in height.

  87. Sir,
    We have our entrence in the centre of east facing north, kitchen in south-west ,
    Toilet and bathroom in the middle of north,bedroom in north-west and north- east,pooja room in kitchen, stairs at south-east.Iam facing court cases finanacial losses..suggest

  88. I am Ashok Gupta, having flat on 5th floor in Mumbai. Entrance of the building is in east side, porch (without door) entrance is on west side. But the entrance of flat is on south west corner of the flat just in front of lift. The door opens in west side. The kitchen is in north side while bathroom in east side as well as north side. The children room is on north east side while bed room in south side. There are three balcony east side in bed room, north east in children room and north west side in hall. Flat was purchased in 2006 but I had major surgery in 2011. Please let me know is there any Vastu dosh?? if yes request to suggest remedy. Regards

    • Hello Asok ji;
      The major defect is your flat entrance, and Kitchen. You can’t change entrance right now, but shift the kitchen in South east. Place the Panchamukhi Hanuman Photo on north wall facing South direction at the entrance area, to reduce the dosha. Please read this post carefully :

  89. Sir,
    I have rented a house for a month. The entrance is in north west corner facing west, however the main entrance of building is in north direction. Kitchen is in South west direction and master bed room in in south east direction. As of now we are sleeping in north west room which is our drawing hall.

  90. Hello Sir,

    East Facing Sher Mukhi Ghar Bana Hua Hai 4 floor, dubara bana nahi saktey koi upay bataey ??????????

    • Sher-mukhi plot is broad in the front and narrow in the back side. This type of plot is not good for residences but it can be used for commercial purpose construction. no remedy. Show any Vastu expert in your area and act according his advice

  91. Hello Sir,

    I wish to purchase a flat. Bedroom is in south west, kitchen is in southeast & there are two terraces in the flat, one is in north east & other in South of the flat. The terrace in south can entered from the kitchen. Is the flat ok as per vastu ? Please advice.
    Thanks & regards.

  92. Plot has diagonal axis facing North East. In the front portion of the basement there is a staircase for entrance in North and an open sunken verandah at the level of the basement floor in North North-East next to the staircase, in which an office is running. Whereas, in the back portion of basement there is a staircase for entrance in the West (besides an entrance from the East from the front side) and a sunken courtyard at the level of the basement floor in South-West West next to the staircase. The sunken verandha and courtyard were given for providing light and air in the basement. What are your views on this? Some suggestion were made that the back courtyard should be cut-off by a copper wire at the floor, since extension in this area is not good as per vastu!

  93. hello sir,
    our kitchen is in the south corner of the house and while cooking we face towards the south west. we cannot shift our kitchen to any other place. kindly give a suggestion to correct this dosha.
    also our staicase is in the north east side of the house but while assending we face towards west. it that correct?

    • Hello Vishi ji;
      Kitchen in South west and stairs in North east,both are totally against the Vastu Shastra principle. Atleast shift the kitchen in South east, see nothing is important other than our survival. Do some modifications. Stairs in North east means the weight in North east is increased than South west. Do you have a over head Water tank on South west corner, if no please construct a Water tank to the height above than stairs in North east.

  94. Hello Sir,
    Thanks a lot for replying to my earlier problem.
    Sir I want to post my House plan. How should I attach it ?
    I would like that you must clear my other problems that you can rectify.






  96. Sir Kitchen shift karana bhi posible nahi hai jo ki north east direction me hai. Apaki advise par Sankat mochan ko north direction me virajman kara diya hai. Please kitchen ki remedy bhi batane kasht kare.

  97. hi,

    i have my toilet situated as North-east. please can u let me know how to correct it without reconstruction.


    Rakesh Singh

  98. Hi sir,
    I am going to open my tyre shoppie……the shop is southwest facing…kindly recommend me some suggestions regarding vastu……or its remedies……
    Thanks and regard

  99. Sir ,
    I requested some remedies for my following problems on 22/08/2013. Kindly provide remedies

    I am residing in a house whose entrance is from south, There is a borewell in North-East, The master bedroom is in South-West also there is an attached toilet in South-West. The stairs are in East The overhead water Tank is also in East. Children’s room is in North with an attached Toilet in North. The South, South-East, South-South East & South West are down from rest of the house by more than one foot as it a verandah. The Kitchen is Approx. in South-East. The cooking is done with the face towards East. We have health problems & tight financial position despite good earning.
    Kindly suggest remedies. Alterations may be advised minimal.

    • Bore well, Master bedroom are ok they are in right place.
      The stairs and water tank in east means this side is increased in height and weight then South west, which is totally against the vastu principle.
      The South-South East & South West are down from the rest of the house which is the main defect in your house, which attracting negetive energy this is why evil powers are active than good energy powers in the house.
      There is defect in East and North east.
      If possible construct the overhead tank in South west, demolish the present water tank in east. And increase the height in South west than North east ( at floor level ). The slope of house would be in North east.

      • Thank You sir. What is the remedy of Geopathic lines. They are present in Kitchen near the burner & in the masterbed room in west direction.

  100. hello sir,we are in rented house.Actually we have steps in the north east direction,please suggest the possible remedies other than reconstructing or destroying the steps.also we have steps in the corner of gods room.can we have like that?

    • Hello;
      Steps in North east, means weight and height more than South west,Which is a major Vastu defect in eshanya( North east).No remedy please

  101. sir
    pls told me remedies for my concerns…

  102. Hello Guruji,

    I have jut built my new home where though i have considered all the vastu principle but i till have few doubt, please guide me on that
    1. Have bigger septic tank in northwest corner(entrance of house) and smaller in northeast.
    2. Highest and heaviest point of house is middle of south lil bit towards west, not exactly the southwest corner.
    3. All the waste water goes out of home through underground pipeline exits in southwest corner.

    please guide me if there is any major vast flaw and remedy to that.


  103. hello sir,
    please give me some remedy for my south-west cut office.


    • Rahu is the lord of south west direction so placing a Rahu Yantra in South west region will reduce bad effects of south west direction. Yantras are used to ” Increase the energy level” of that area. It does not correct any defect

  104. Dear Sir,
    I have a plot with a trapezium shape. South west is longer than north east. North east is a bit rounded (cut-off in other words). Any remedies you may suggest ?
    Thanks a million
    Best regards

  105. hello sir,many people told that keeping a pyramid in the house will reduce vastu it true?

  106. Hi, sir
    In our house wash basin – sink is in north east direction of the kitchen, gasstove is kept in south east corner, but we have kept one water pot and water purifer in south direction wall, behind there is an window, is there any issue keeping water pot in that direction…plz suggest if there is any as there is less space in north east corner near to wash basin.

  107. Hello Sir,
    Now i am residing a rented flat. Main entrance is North Direction , kitchen is in south east corner. Master bedroom is north east corner and another bedroom is south west corner. Is it OK as Vastu. Please suggest..

    Thanks and regards.

    • Hi Ambika Ji ;
      Use the bedroom in South west as Master bedroom and bedroom in north east corner as a children s bedroom or use it as a Living room

      • Thanks for your suggestion sir. I want to know one thing sir. My native place is Jajpur Road (Odisha). My father had purchased a plot in 2009. In 2012 march he had started the construction work. While excavation work we have found some wastage of burial ground. When the foundation work was going my younger brother had died in an accident in 2012 June. From this month work has been stopped. Shall we start the construction work in the same place or should stopped. The land details is given below.

        Main Road is West Side of the plot. we have constructed in south west corner of the plot. East and North is Vacant space. In House plan main gate is in west. Main Door entrance is North. Kitchen in South East Corner. Master Bedroom is South west. Guest Room in North East. Toilet is west. Septic Tank is west. Over Head water tank is South west. Please suggest. I will be highly obliged.

        Thanks & Regards.

        • Ambikaji;
          While excavation work you found some wastage of burial ground, means was it a burial place or near by to burial place. Do confirm it, if so please stop the construction and leave that place as you are experienced some bad effects. And if it not a burial place you can continue.

  108. Namskar,I am planning to uy a Builder flat whose Kitchen comes in the Centre of North,Plz suggest if any thing wrong here?And plz also suggest remedies for this location

    • Hi; Avinash Kumar
      While cooking the women’s face towards north may have to face financial problems in the family. As per the Vastu remedies for kitchen, the construction of the kitchen will not in the: Northeast, mid-north, mid-west, southwest, mid-south and the center of the house at any cost.

  109. dear sir, my house main entrance is north. Living room north east. Kitchen is south east. One bed room at south west. One at west another one at north west. Common wash room at east attached to kitchen. There is a septic pit/dig at the south east corner of the land. Is there any vaasthu issues? Plz kind enough to inform me

    • Hello:
      Devinda Ji :
      Wash room at east attached to kitchen, means Toilet in East, which is major Vastu defect. All another things are ok

  110. Hi,
    I moved to a new apartment just want to know that after how long it take vastu to show its result.
    thank you.

  111. I have built my house as per vaastu but on south side ther is common plot. I want to know it effects

  112. Hello Sir,

    This is my second try, Pls reply. We are passing through tough time these days. We r facing lots of mental tension and also stuck wid legal issues. our floor level outside the house and within boundaries in the west, southwest, northwest is down than compared to east, north east and southwest. OURS IS WEST FACING PLOT. COS of car parking we are unable to equal the flooring and we have equal space in front and back. Pls suggest an effective remedy or should I increase the floor level. Pls help us sir

    • Hello Mr. Uday ji;
      Floor level in the house “in the west, southwest, northwest is down than compared to east, north east and southwest” this is a major Vastu defect which disturbing you in all areas. Increase the floor level in South west corner so as to the slope of the house should in the Northeast direction. Open space in the East should be more than West and in North than South.See whats your position

      • Thank U Soo much for the prompt response and your valueble suggestion Sir. I also want to know wat are the challenges one can face , wen the west, southwest and northwest are lower than other directions like east, north, ne and se. Sir in my previous query I forgot to mention that, we do not have the round boundary. I mean south is completely closed and we hav a space in north which of 3feet width and immediately another building is starting. THIS IS ONE PLOT AND TWO BUILDINGS , DIVIDED EQUALLY, and we occupy the South part. Pls advise?

        • Mr. Udayji;
          This is a Vastu Shastra and there is no any specification like ” this dosha is causes this effect” moreover it is linked with the five elements, PRATHVI, JAL, AAKASH, AGNI, AND VAYU and it works with nature. So rather than arguing with nature, live with nature to get the more and more happy life

  113. Sir,

    Currently I am leaving in a old building. The level of my house is lower then passage. Due to repairing work done in passage, my passage has gone up by one staircase.

    Is it wrong as per vastu. And if it is what is remedi without modification. We can’t increase the floor level of our house since we are there as a tenant.


    • Siddharthji;
      Passage has gone up by one staircase, means in which direction the slope of the house has been formed if it is in Northeast ,then ok otherwise problematic and no remedy other than modification

  114. Hi…

    I have just shifted to a house facing south west. Pls guide me about possible problems and remedies

  115. namaste sir,
    we have a construction business. our new projest is row houses. we started construction from the north side and the south side is 1\4 th completed. we have been facing very bad financial problems due to this. bookings are getting cancelled and its becoming increasingly hard for us to complete the project also. please sir suggest some remedies for this problem as this is giving us sleepless nights.
    thank u

    • Manjulaji;
      You have started construction form north and south is 1/4 completed, please let me know exactly North side construction is more or South is more and also the slope of the land with surroundings

  116. Hello sir,

    I have purchased a flat recently on 4th floor of a building. After putting tiles on the floor, I noticed that the common wall between kichten and childern bedroom is not straight and is tilted towardws the kitchen by 2 inches. It starts correct from the wall but towards the end where both the doors od kitchen and children bedroom are adjuscent, there it is tilted towards kitchen by 2 inches. so childern bedroom is somewhat widened at the door and kitchen is shrinked. Kindly tell me is it the Vastu dosha and what is the remedy for it? Because we have to shift in the new flat in next month.


    • Mr. Bhalchandr Ji;

      Please let me know the Exact direction ( Disha) of Kichten and children bedroom in the house and in which direction the wall is widened

      • Hello sir,

        Thanks for your reply…

        Direction is described below –

        1. Main door is near North-East cornor (Ishanya). This is living room.
        2. Afetr living room in left there is Children bedroom. that is towards south-East.
        3. Adjuscent to that Kitchen is there sharing same wall (South-East)
        4. Infront of Children bedroom and Kitchen there is Bathroom and Toilet respectively.
        5. After this Master Bedroom is located in south.
        6. Doors of both Kitchen and Children bedroom open towards west. and Bathroom and Toilet’s doors open towards East.
        7. Master bedroom’s door opens towards North
        8. All these rooms are in a row as building is in rectangle shape. (length North-South and Width is East-West) So only one flat this side and rooms in a row.
        9. After Hall, there is coridor North to West which ends on Door or Master bedroom. In the coridor, children bedroom and Kitchen on left and Bathrooom and Toilet on right.

        10. Common wall between kichten and childern bedroom is tilted towardws the kitchen by 2 inches. It starts correct from the wall(East) but towards the end(West) where both the doors of kitchen and children bedroom are adjuscent, there it is tilted towards kitchen by 2 inches. so childern bedroom is somewhat widened at the door and kitchen is shrinked. Kindly tell me is it the Vastu dosha and what is the remedy for it?

        Thank You

      • Hello Sir,

        Waiting for your response…

  117. Sir, i had a question on 3rd Sept. I am waiting for your suggestions.


  118. We plan to start a restaurant and the entrance is from south west. Rest all falls as per vastu in the place. Is there any solution to remove this dosh.

    • Hi Mr. Naveenji
      For enrance in South west these are remedies
      1. Place Swastik, Trishul and Om on both the Sides of Main door.

      2. Putting “Siddha rahu yantra” in this direction will minimize the bad effects of this direction

  119. Hello sir
    I have a south west facing shop .I am starting a new business of tyres and alloys I have heay machinery also for tyres changing and balancing..kindly tell me about the sitting position and placement of objects and machinery and give me some vastu redimies for the same and certain vastu tips

    Thanks and regards

  120. Dear Sir,
    1. Open space in south is colony property 2.Boudary wall on south side of my residence is of short height 3. Shoes rack is on N-E Side 4.Staire is on east side wall from south to north. 5. Overhead tank is on east side between north and south direction 6.Old cooler, scrap and wooden item are kept on S-W direction inside the boundary wall.

    Please suggest on all above points.
    Thanks with regards

  121. Namaste sir
    my kitchen is under stairs please suggest any remedy. I can not shift kitchen.

  122. Hi,

    Could you please advice remedy for shermukhi house ( rectangle ground floor flat, entrance hall is wider but inside rare side bedroom is small from south-west side / rectangle cut ) for residence as its ok w.r.t owner’s family but owner is facing job problem since they had shifted this shermukhi house.

    Kindly suggest asap.

    thanks .

  123. Hello Sir,

    Can you please let me know, if I can place an acquarium in NW room as ours is a WEST FACING PLOT and main entrance is at NORTHWEST… Also please suggest , at which corner shoul I place it (As of now it is in the NORTHEAST ROOM).

  124. Sir,

    As per the plan of our house, we had placed our Telivision below the staircase and we always face SOUTH while we are always in the LIVING ROOM… Please advise if we can contineously face south, we do not have any other alternative… Please advise a Remedy, if there is any problem facing south contineously.

  125. Sir, if the Kitchen is in the East side tilted bit towards south is ok and if the person cooking is facing towards west or north. As we have balcony towards east.

  126. Namaste Sir,
    We are in a big financial problem. Our huge payment is blocked by a company, no finance is coming to us. What could be the reason? Can you pls suggest any vastu remedy ?

  127. Guruji I need remedy for my kitchen, its is in north side also kitchen hub is in north, washing area is on east side. i cannot change anything kindly suggest how i can neutralize its negative effects

  128. Hi Sir,
    We are purchasing a flat in a gated community and our flat has kitchen in South East, master bedroom in south west. But the second bedroom is in northwest and we have a balcony attached to second bedroom, the toilet for the second bed room falls in the north east corner of the room. But it is not in the north east quadrant of the house. Since we have already purchased the afloat and we cannot back out now due to money and other reasons, please suggest any remedies. Thankyou

  129. Sir, we have west facing home , entrance in southwest direction & one b/R is in east with attach toilet in east, 2nd in northwest attached toilet in northeast. due to duplex the staircase is in northeast n little in bhramsathan. kitchen is in southeast.dining in east southeast.
    please sugest me the remedies for northeast toilet , staircase n southwest entry.

    Thanks & regards
    Nitin jain

  130. Manjunath Reddy

    hello sir,

    As my master bedroom is slightly down then my other rooms due to the flooring (wooden flooring). Please suggest if this is a problem and if you can suggest any remedy for the same, As removing the entire flooring and laying would not be possible now.

  131. Santhosh Kumar R

    Sir,We stay in an apartment(own) The entrance of my house is in North-east Corner facing North. Master Bedroom at South west corner. My Son’s room is in North West Corner. Proble is , my son is loosing interest in Studies & becoming arrogant. Is there any vastu dosha?. He sleeps on bed on floor with his head towards East. We sleep with our head to south in Master Bedroom. Our Kitchen is in South east Corner & Pooja Mantap in West wall of Kitchen so that we face towards west while performing Pooja.

  132. dear sir
    I want to construct one more floor above ground floor but this is causing high floor level in north direction and low floor side in south direction .
    Can there be any solution to this or should I have to change this plan?

    Kindly respond to my query . Thanks in advance.