Vaastu Remedies for Career Growth

Vaastu-Remedies-for-Career-GrowthAccording to Vaastu every person should follow some given set of norms, few directions, which can certainly let them excel in their career. A working professional or Business persons should adhere to Vaastu ethics to get success in life without obstructions

Profession, Career or ‘Karma’ indicates the result of your actions upon the world, the status we achieve in life; in spite whatever you are, either it’s in Service or Business. Excelled career is imperative for every individual and to achieve superior position, which gives you space to grow in financial and other aspects of life.


However, this will not always happens in everywhere, or in the every case and this is why we have to use Astrology or Vaastu ideology which certainly helps.

Each and every profession has its own governing and sustaining planets, which acts as barrier creators.

Following are the professions which governed by specific planets.

Sun [Surya]

Planet Sun if properly placed in birth chart, it point out that person will be self – self-assured, kind hearted, Green Bamboosincere, protective, inspiring, motivating the people to meet up their goals in life and will possesses the leadership skills.

Professions governed by Sun: Administrator, Manager, Director, Leader, Celebrity, Sports Person, Government Officer, Interior Decorator.

Remedies to enhance the position of Sun:

1. Put a Lucky Bamboo plant in East direction of living room.

2. Put on a rising Sun portrait in the East direction of living room.

3. East direction should be light weight and in Orange color shades.

Moon [Chandra]

Moon acts as a “Mother” taking responsibility for a social environment of a place.

A person with favorable Moon in birth chart is acts like Mother Care taker. He is Spontaneous sympathetic and responsive to solve the anxieties and others problem.

Professions indicated by Moon:  Caring workers, Nurses, Counselors, Psychologists, Social Workers, Child Care, Women-care professionals, Food and Beverage Business, Raring Animals (Dairy).

Moon can be strengthened by these Vastu Remedies:

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