Vaastu tips for office

Vaastu for office is equally important as vaastu for home as almost half a day a man spends at work. The interior and the atmosphere within should be pleasing and comfortable so as to keep positive vibes flowing freely. Majority of the people in the present day are opting to choose the vaatu way for building and creating their dream offices.

Office Vaastu includes several aspects such as right office setup, direction of various departments, direction of the reception, etc. Read on to know what works and what doesn't.

If you have already built your office, but just turned to the Vaastu discipline, you need not break everything down and build it up, brick by brick, rather, you can just rearrange a few things and get what you desire. Vaastu consultants recommend that the principles of Vaastu should be followed from the construction stage itself. However, there are many office Vaastu remedies that you can employ internally in your office design.

When it comes to Vaastu for work spaces, one has to make sure that the interiors are perfect and exactly how the space should be. After all, this is where people work and finances flow in. Unless and until the Vaastu and the working conditions are perfect, people will not be able to give their best and certainly won't get as much as they ought to. So, here are some important Vaastu tips for creating auspicious work spaces:

No obstacles

Business and work has to be about free flow of unending opportunities. Make sure that there are no obstacles in your office. There should be nothing obstructing the entrance of your office. This ensures the inflow of the correct energies.

Keep the center vacant

The center of your office space or work space should be kept vacant. If you are working from within a cubicle, you can do this by drawing a circle at the center of the work station and make sure that you don't really keep any objects within that circle.

Location of the reception

Make sure that the reception of your business is located in the north-eastern part of the office. When the receptionist faces the clients and the potential customers, he or she has to be looking in the north or the eastern direction, for these are the directions of birth and revival, and bringing in new chances as well.

Placement of executives

The highest level of operators and executives in the company should be located in the west, south or the southwest part of the office. This brings good energy to office spaces.

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