Vaastu Toilet Tips

A toilet completes the house.  First we have to differentiate between bathroom and toilets. Having both in one have to be considered carefully. Ethics of vastu says, it should be only built in Northwest as 1st option, then Southeast corner. Other locations bathroom and toilets are not accepted.

Remember  that W/C should faces either north or south. Why,  As we respect our Sun as a source of the solar system where we worship, its not good to sit facing East and West which is the Solar Kingdom. Hence  W/c should only face north or south. Have the Commode either in, Southeast or Northwest side of the bathroom.

Vaastu Toilet Tips


Flushing involves movements. The wind corner is Northwest and Southeast fire corner (Wind reacts to fire). Bathtub can be placed on the Southwest corner as it is heavy (earth corner). Showering and Sink and mirror along North/ East wall. As Cosmic energy (prana) comes from this direction.

Southwest a place of  master bedroom and it should be elevated. When we construct  bathroom there. The floor level is to lowered. In such situation, the bathroom receives maximum pranic energy and but having the w/c there flushes out the wealth. Similarly having bathroom  in the Northeast corner, as this is the spiritual direction. ( ” Place to have God, you put shit there, how one get blessings and earn money ” ) Toilets should be avoided in the Northeast, North and East direction

So, in vastu, if  Bathroom, WC  is  a defect, break it. See how  results will comes immediately and it is proved  fact. A house should be square in shape or rectangular. Having Cut offs and extensions are defects. According  to Vastu Shastra, break and make it in   square shape. Bathroom walls should be painted with  white, sky blue, or another light shade. Do not use black or dark red.


Staircase in VaastuSome may argue, what if  as the  house is already built and the defects cannot be corrected.  For example, Staircase in the wrong direction. Then we have to think again about gravity of the defect according to the directions. If staircase in  the northeast quadrant, it is best to reallocate. Reason is it gives financial  trouble, if it is in  North, East  region then it is average. The main staircase should be built in South, West and South west.

Stairs  built in  the wrong position only reduces the energy level. The staircase should be in odd number. They never end with 0 unit like 10, 20, 30 etc. A staircase in north-east corner will result in loss of wealth and business


Vastu remedy for StaircaseUse of yantras may give good effects.  And remember always, yantras are not vastu. It is relationship with the directions and each directions as in vastu is linked with different planets in  Solar system. Yantras are made to ‘ONLY INCREASE THE ENERGY LEVEL’ of that area. It does not correct any defect. There are 2 types of yantras. One is copper made and the other is specially printed. Copper made can be found everywhere in the market, but you must get someone who has experience in the yantras to choose the right one for you. Never believe the seller you might get conned again. We only recommend printed ones .1st of all, printed is all the same. 2nd its printed during Muhurta time. 3rdly , they chant certain types of mantras during printing. which is good stuff.

You have a stair case facing the main entrance,  placing a potted plants alongwith the stairs will reduce the defect. The main entrance can be made auspicious by placing potted plants on both sides of the door.

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