Vasthu is the Sanskrit word. Vasthu means Vas (To occupy) and Thu it means Dwelling place. Vastu is rule approved by the Rishis. Vastu is use to protects the houses, industries, health and financial. Vasthu consists the five elements water, earth, sky, air and fire (these five known as Panchabutham).

The history of Vasthu is back to the vedic times. The important books Manasara and Mayamata are the very old age and it is the historical. Vasthushastra is the characteristics of India and it related to religious. Vasthu is an art, science and astrology. To select the perfect land we use astrology the vasthu is essential for construct a house. The air, water and energy are used to store. Fire is an active form of energy. Spirit is a part of god to keep alive of other elements.

If Vasthu is not properly for your home/business then it decreases to health. So don’t neglect Vasthu and follows the rules of Vasthu for good health and life. Some of the tips for health.

The color should not be same as the top and wall.

At the entrance door should not be a tree.

Where the closed northeast create confusion to children.

There is no bath room at the centre of the building.

The north-west or south-east is the best place for the kitchen.

Don’t make the underground water tank at south-west direction.


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