Vastu tips for Kitchen

The Kitchen is an extremely important part of the vastu, where in the healthy food for the family is Cooked.  In ancient times, cooking was done on open stoves and the washing of utensils, and preparation of food were done in outside.  So  Vastu Tips of Kitchen  were primarily based on the directions of  Sun and the wind.  However today’s  Kitchen  is  become a compact, efficient, safe and easy place to work and so the Vastu for Kitchen is different.



kitchen place in Vastu

Kitchen Place in Vastu

According to Vastu tips for Kitchen, the  Southeast (Agneya) corner of the house is the best place to construct the kitchen. The second best place for the kitchen is Northwest (Vayavya) corner of the house.

The kitchen should be in the south-east portion of the house. The door of the kitchen should be in the north, east or north-east direction and door should open in  clockwise.  The lady while cooking should face east, because  it brings  good  health to members in that house. Where as if the  lady faces west while cooking, she has to face health problems;  while lady cooking  the face towards south may have to face  financial problems in the family.

As per the Vastu remedies for kitchen,  the construction of the kitchen will not in the: Northeast, mid-north, mid-west, southwest, mid-south and the center of the house at any cost.

Kitchen door and windows

According to  Vastu tips for Kitchen, the kitchen door should ideally be placed in north, east or north-east  corner of the kitchen. It should open in a clockwise direction. Ventilators and big-sized windows should be on the east  wall, while smaller one  in the south.

Cooking stove

As per Vastu for Kitchen principle,  the gas stove should be in south-east corner of the kitchen,  so that the lady or cook may face east while cooking.  Cooking stove should be placed few inches away from the wall and should not be visible from outside.

Sink in the kitchen

North-east is the ideal location to fix a sink in the kitchen as per Vastu. Cooking stove and washing sink should not be aligned in the same row and should be kept away from each other as fire and water are not compitable to each other.

Water filter

The sourse of  drinking water should be placed in the north – east  corner of the Kitchen.

Electrical appliances placement

Electrical appliances such as heaters, conventional ovens and micro-wave ovens should be placed in south-east corner or  southern side of the kitchen. North-eastern direction should be completely avoided for these.

Vastu tips to Kitchen

Sink, Gas, Dining table in Kitchen

Dining table in the Kitchen

The best place to dining table is  in the North-West corner and not in the centre of the Kitchen.  According to Vaastu tips for kitchen. It is an ideal place of a dining table in the kitchen.


Refrigerator should be placed  in south-east,  south,  west or in the north direction. Refrigerator never  in north-east direction. If the refrigerator is in south-west direction, keep it  a feet away from corner otherwise it always gets out of order.

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