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Finding true love has never been an easy task for anyone. For those who are single, each day brings new hopes and hidden fears. Hopes of finding true love and fears of anticipating if the partner will be trustworthy and loving.

Do you know Vastu Shastra principles and remedies can do wonders for love and affection between all family members. It can kindle romance in your life and ignite deep emotional feelings. It can help make relationship more enjoyable and fruitful.

Following are some more tips that will help you in your search of true love.

  • There should be no toilet or kitchen in the South-West direction of your home.
  • Remove red color from South-West zone to make it healthier.
  • Keep a pair of love birds in South-West zone to find true love.
  • Remove blue color from South-South-West zone to enhance love in your relationships.
  • Clean East-North-East zone for freshness in relations.
  • Never prefer a bedroom in East- South-East zone. Keep grinder mixer in this zone. This will facilitate decisions in your life.
  • Keep photo of your lover/beloved in the North-North-West zone of your house.
  • Keep your love letters in the North-North-West zone.
  • Keep your house clutter free. Mess in your home acts as a barrier between you and your someone special.
  • South is the ideal zone for bedroom.
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