Vastu Tips for Plot


The best shape of Plot as per Vastu shastra is square. Rectangle plot is excellent provided that the length is not more than 1.5 times the width. Consider geographical surroundings, level of the land, roads around the plot while salecting the plot.These are  important.

Slope of the Plot

1. Ideally the Plot should be in downward slope from all sides to the north- east.  Alternatively, the slope of plot should be either towards north or to the east which implies that the plot would be facing the North or East. The slope is to be corrected using Vastu Tips if some fault is there.

2. As if the plot faces south, the slope of the entire plot should be made towards the east only
3. Whatever be the face of the plot, ensure that the slopes conform to the directions towards east only. The intention is to let the plot have freedom for air and light from the north and the east and restriction from the west and the south.

Roads to Plot According Vaastu Shastra

1. Plot with roads to the North or to the East is excellent. The roads with either north or east is still better as it receives the maximum impact of the Eshan force.
5. Plots facing west or south are not so good, but need not be rejected. These are amenable very greatly with Vastu shastra remedies. These remedies, basically, are in the form of ensuring the slopes towards North East direction, receptivity, location of the main door and the location of the main gate. Sometimes, we find a road ending blindly at plot. A plot located at such an end suffers from the adverse impact of the forces generated by the traffic operating on the road. The residents of the houses on such plots make no progress and suffer from multiple  problems.
6. North and east facing plots are good for residential purpose where as West facing plots are good for commercial purposes
7. Land which is fertile and  good quality soil with a sweet smell is very good for construction.
8. Big, mountains, trees etc in south and west of the plot are good..
9. A temple in front side or backside of the plot is not good for Residential purpose

10. Avoid buying land in the south-west,south,west and south-east direction if you

T Junction Plot

T Junction Plot

already have a plot and are considering buying additional land.
11. No high-tension wire should pass through( over head ) the plot.
12. Plots which face a T or  Y junction are not good for residential purposes

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