Waari 2013

तुकानामाच्या जयघोषात वैष्णवांचा मेळा

Payee Waari

तुकानामाच्या जयघोषात वैष्णवांचा मेळा पंढरपूरच्या दिशेने जात आहे. भक्तीरसात चिंब झालेले वारकरी दिंड्या-पताकांचे भार, टाळ-मृदुंगाची लय अन् त्यात हिंदोळणारा रथाचा कळस..यामुळे परिसर भक्तिरसात न्हाऊन निघाला आहे. संत तुकोबांची पालखी आज उद्योगनगरीत दाखल झाली. भक्तीरसात चिंब झालेले वारकरी दिंड्या-पताकांचे भार, टाळ-मृदुंगाची लय अन् त्यात हिंदोळणारा रथाचा कळस..यामुळे परिसर भक्तिरसात न्हाऊन निघाला आहे. विठ्ठलांच्या भेटीने व्याकूळ झालेला वैष्णवांचा मेळा आज सायंकाळी साडेपाचच्या सुमारास पिंपरी-चिंचवडमध्ये दाखल झाला. Tukaram Maharaj Palkhi

भक्तीरसात चिंब झालेले वारकरी दिंड्या-पताकांचे भार, टाळ-मृदुंगाची लय अन् त्यात हिंदोळणारा रथाचा कळस. असा लवाजमा दिवसाच निगडीतील भक्ती-शक्ती चौकात “ज्ञानोबा माउली”चा एकच गजर झाला. गळ्यांत तुळशीमाळा, कपाळी बुक्का, कानाच्या दोन्ही पाळ्यांना गोपीचंदन, खांद्यावर पताका आणि हातात टाळ-मृदुंग अशा थाटात पंढरीच्या दिशेने निघालेले वारकरी क्षणभर तुकोबाची लक्ष-लक्ष रुपे असल्याचा भास शहरवासियांना होत होता.



Pandharpur yatra is one of the most famous pilgrimage in  Maharastra State, India. It is annual pilgrimage trek of 21 days, also known as Ashadhi Ekadasi Waari of  Pandharpur, which ends on the Ekadasi day in Hindu month Ashadi.  Palkhi (palanquin), is a unique feature of Maharashtrian culture, in Warkari Sampraday have a 1000-year-old tradition followed by these Warkaris; people, who follow the Wari (a holy ritual).

Sant Tukaram Maharaj Palkhi

The Palkhi begains in the month of Jyeshtha  the Hindu calendar. The procession and the religious celebrations last for almost three weeks. Every year on the 11th day of the first half of the Hindu month Ashadh, the Palkhi reaches at  Pandharpur. The history about the prevailing custom of  Pandharpur yatra is likes this: In the year 1685, Narayan baba, the youngest son of  Saint Tukaram Maharaj, decided to bring about a change in the mode of celebration. So, he introduced the Palkhi, which is a sign of social respect. There are several other nuances, which only a true warkari can fathom.

With passage of time, the popularity of this ancient tradition has soared immensely. Thousands of devotees proceed from Dehu village to Pandharpur, joined along in the way by thousands and more. The pilgrimage is mostly on foot from the countryside, carrying flags and festoons and singing devotional songs. The pilgrims come from all classes of society, from rich to poor, the educated and the unlettered all go there in search of inner peace. Devotion to Vitthal transcends the barriers of caste, creed and religion

The palkhi processions of Sant Tukaram Maharaj and Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj, are on their way to the annual pilgrimage to Pandharpur. They will set out for the holy town on Wednesday.

Wari 2013 Photo

Dehu to Pandharpur: This yaatra begins from the Sant Tukaram Maharaj Temple at Dehu village and ends at Vitthala Rukmini temple at Pandharpur.

There lot of devotees, Citizens gathered to worship the Palkhis at various junctions. Placards and boards were put up all the route and the pilgrims were offered breakfast and tea by various political parties, organizations and citizens’ groups. Mayor Vaishali Bankar and Municipal Commissioner Mahesh Pathak welcomed these Palkhis on behalf of the Pune Municipal Corporation.

Palkhi in Dive Ghat

Palkhi in Dive Ghat

Palkhi procession of Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj has successfully passed the famous Dive Ghat section of
Pune-Saswad Road on Wednesday, which was exited the city under skies overset with rainy clouds,
colouring the view with massive swathes of white and saffron. The procession crosses the Dive Ghat section on its way to Pandharpur,accompanied by great revelry and chanting in the panoramic backdrop of the historic Mastani Talao.

More Photos on Pandharpur Waari 2013

संत तुकाराम महाराज पालखीच्या सोलापूर जिल्ह्यातील आगमनाची छायाचित्रे

Mauli Palkhi In Solapur

Palkhi entering in Solapur

Palhi Ringan Shala       Palkhi Ringan Sohala :  सदाशिव नगर येथे झालेल्या रिंगण सोहळ्याची छायाचित्रे                     

Tukaram Maharaj Palkhi

Waari 2013

Thakur buvanchi Samadhi 3rd Golringan ……..

Lakhs of Pilgrims ( Warkari ) attend this Programme… The annual Pandharpur  Yatra to the famous Vithoba Temple at Pandharpur in Maharashtra is also famous as Pandharpur wari or ekadashi pandharpur wari and pandharpur ashadi ekadashi wari. Every year on the 11th day of the bright moon in the month of Aashaad many devotees reach the temple town of Pandharpur, to have a glimpse of Lord Vitthal.