What Dreams Indicates

India is a land of Faith and Beliefs. So much beliefs are their which are still followed in day by day life. Some people says these beliefs are redundant, at the same time many people still believe them. Some people believes that good or bad omens are signs from the God meant to help the mankind. Likewise about dreams.Dreams
Dreams are more than a kaleidoscope of Images, Ideas, Emotions and Sensations that arise subconsciously in the mind while you are asleep. They  also give us a  projections on some of future events.


Rose Flowers in dreams what it Indicates?
Red Flowers in Dreams1- Problems at workplace  will get resolved in near future.
2- Some good news may comes.
3- If you have faced losses in the past, Soon they are  get recovered.
4- Old rivivals and Enemies may become your friends in Near Future
5- If your wife is pregnant and you see rose in dream, then you will have a son
6- If a Woman or Girl see rose in dream, then the problems or conflicts with Husband or lover will get setteled
7- If a Married woman (Sumangali)  see rose in dream then she is going to get respect in her house

Rain  in dreams what about it is

According to astrologers, if we can study and realize the meaning of dreams then Rain in Dreamswe may understand the hidden signs in it, which may be about fore-future. Even seeing rain in dreams has a hidden meaning in it.
1. If  rains over your colony or town in your dreams then assured it’s a good omen. You will get good things very soon.
2. But, at the same time if Rains on your house only, then you might have to face some bad news
3. If  you are walking in the rain with an umbrella, then it means you will soon overcome all your problems.

Dead Persons in your Dreams?

Dead Peson in DreamsAccording to scripture, if one see a dead relative or friend in their dreams it is a sign of bad omen. Seeing a dead person in dreams indicate that, the soul of the dead person is not got  peace (Shanti). For example, if a person dies with debts unpaid, it is possible that he will appear in the dreams of the lenders to remind him about loan that he  was  never returned.  Scriptures say that if a person gets such dreams then he/she should read Bhagvatgita or seek a Brahmin’s help and Perform a Shraadh at Gaya. It also advised  such people to offer sweets to the poor children.

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