Yellamma Devi Temple of Saundatti


Saundatti Yellamma

     TempleThe Yellamma Devi Temple which is located near hills of Saundatti, Belgaum. It is one of the well-known temples in India and it was built in year 1514 by Bommappa Nayak with the rouping of Chalukyan and Rashtrakuta. Belgaum to saundatti distance is 85 km. The Karnataka people comes more to visit and also other state people.

      In Margasira season month of November-December lakhs of peoples visit Yellamma Temple of Saundatti   for jatre and temple is fully lighted and programs on dedicating girls has a Devadasi. Actually this girls are scarifies for art of dance and songs for the goddess.

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ADDRESS :Town-Saundatti           



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